Breaking: Paul Manafort Turns Himself In to Authorities

Breaking from the New York Times: “Paul Manafort and his former business associate Rick Gates were told to surrender to federal authorities Monday morning, the first charges in a special counsel investigation, according to a person involved in the case.”

“The charges against Mr. Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, and Mr. Gates, a business associate of Mr. Manafort, were not immediately clear but represent a significant escalation in a special counsel investigation that has cast a shadow over the president’s first year in office.

“Mr. Gates is a longtime protégé and junior partner of Mr. Manafort. His name appears on documents linked to companies that Mr. Manafort’s firm set up in Cyprus to receive payments from politicians and businesspeople in Eastern Europe, records reviewed by The New York Times show.”

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  1. Keep your eyes on the prize, y’all. We knew this was coming.



  2. Logically, then, Podesta *should* be the next, since that’s who Manafort was tangled with. But, seeing as this is Mueller….

  3. The bit&&h is going to jail Killary is riding high but she is going to jail. The uranium story will get worse because breaking news is coming today by Sean hannity

  4. Since his business partner is also charged, they charged them with something that has nothing to do with the campaign.

    Is the witch hunt going to stop now? Is anyone going to stop it?

  5. All the TV keeps shouting is that he was TRUMP’S CAMPAIGN MANAGERRR!! This is the crap story folks, no mention what this indictment is really about.

  6. This is just another squirrel. Just a bigger one than the dumba$$ with the cowboy hat. Uranium 1 isn’t going away.

  7. @Thirdtwin October 30, 2017 at 8:50 am

    And they’ll be seizing those criminals’ vehicles and reducing man made global warming! Communists and Constitutionalists rejoice!

  8. Inep, ineffective, and feckless Jeff Sessions is apparently guilty of some malfeasance so why doesn’t he turn himself in and get it over with?

  9. richwill66, this is a play to insinuate that he has something on Trump. He’s got nothing. It’s all about the deepstate/MSM effort to “cast a shadow over the president’s first year in office.”

  10. If Mr. Manafort has donated largely to the Clinton Foundation Mueller will be giving him a handjob.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Thirdtwin, I told my wife about Sessions and the litterbug crackdown and was pissed off and cursing Sessions. I let her go on for a minute or so. The best humor does have a grain of truth in it..

  12. Government lawyers have been investigating Manafort for years over those alleged actions and were so inept that they had to finagle a special counsel at the cost of multui-millions of tax dollars to do their job and finally bring charges against him!

  13. “The charges against Mr. Manafort, … and Mr. Gates, … were not immediately clear”

    not clear ?
    how are they not clear ?
    why was he arrested if the charges are not clear ?
    this is such a joke.
    there is no law and order anymore.

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