Breaking: Wayne County, MI Board Of Canvassers Deadlock on Certifying The Election

The Detroit News

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers deadlocked 2-2 Tuesday along party lines on whether the county’s Nov. 3 election results should be certified as at least four state and federal lawsuits sought to stop the process.

The decision came after a number of absentee ballot poll books in Detroit were found to be out of balance, a situation that did not stop the same board from certifying the results in the August primary or the county’s November 2016 general election results. 

A county board that fails to canvass within 14 days after the election must give all of its documentation to the Secretary of State’s office and Board of State Canvassers, which then has 10 days to complete the work, canvass and certify the results, according to the board’s canvassing manual. More

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  1. The Wayne County Canvassers did their duty. Now it goes to the State Canvass committee. If they can’t justify the absentee voters rolls coming out of Detroit then it goes to the state house. The legislature makes a determining on how to handle the discrepancy. Hopefully, they throw out all the absentee ballots from Detroit, I would imagine it would give the state back to the president.

  2. Be vigilant, be strong, do not waver and trust the plan. This is about good vs. evil, and righteousness will prevail.

  3. I didn’t read or TU Tomfvu November 17, 2020 at 8:12 pm, but whoever did was brilliant in noting that Tomfvu was too stupid to provide the necessary link to his scam site after that dissertation.

  4. Oh oh, same with Brucexci November 17, 2020 at 8:29 pm. If this keeps up, it’s evident that there is an attack happening.

  5. BOOM

    “We looked at how long it took to cast those votes. And we looked at the equipment that exists at all of those locations by serial number. And the fact of the matter is WE CAN’T SEE ANY PHYSICAL WAY POSSIBLE FOR SOME OF THOSE VOTES TO HAVE BEEN IN THOSE KIND OF NUMBERS BECAUSE THEY JUST DON’T HAVE THE EQUIPMENT THAT CAN PRODUCE IT IN THAT TIMING.”

  6. Aaaaaaand…they’ve already caved and certified the election on the condition that they pretend to look at any irregularities.

    The horse is out of the barn once you certify it, dickwads. You just tossed your leverage away.


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