Brennan is suspected of leaking intel to Harry Reid to hurt Trump campaign – IOTW Report

Brennan is suspected of leaking intel to Harry Reid to hurt Trump campaign

BPR: Judicial Watch believes former Sen. Harry Reid may have been used in efforts to undermine the Trump campaign.

Communications in 2016 between former CIA Director John Brennan and the former top Senate Democrat are being sought in documents requested from the CIA by the watchdog group, according to Fox News.

The “stop-Trump gang” allegedly used several methods to create a narrative of collusion with Russia, Chris Farrell,  director of investigations and research at Judicial Watch, told Fox News’ Shannon Bream on “Fox News @ Night” on Monday.

The group thinks Reid was part of that effort and is investigating whether Brennan leaked information to the lawmaker so that it could be made public, thereby creating a false narrative.

Citing one example, Bream read from a letter from Reid to then-FBI Director James Comey in 2016, two days after he was briefed by Brennan.

“The evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount. … The American people deserve to have a full understanding of the facts from a completed investigation before they vote this November.”

Farrell noted that the efforts created an “echo-chamber effect” in which “everyone says” and “everyone knows” about the collusion because it is being circulated.

“It’s how the public is manipulated, it’s how the media is manipulated, and all you need is the tiniest little kernel of half-truth,” he said.

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  1. If documentation was at the CIA, it no longer exists.
    The deep state corruption and sedition was not limited to the DOJ, FBI and State Department.

  2. Hats off to Judicial Watch and their team. Sad that we have to have a third party uncovering the errant ways of our overpaid, over sized, over priced government. If the phony MSM was actually doing its job, instead of closing it’s eyes and making stories up, third party watch dogs might not be needed.

  3. Hopefully, Gina Haspel with go through the CIA ranks with an industrial strength weed-wacker and clear out the deep-state partisans who put politics over country.

  4. This corruption has been endemic and going on for a long, long time. A wily and dogged journalist would leave a more famous legacy than those two from the WAPO if he/she wanted to. Any news org — print or network — would endear themselves to the real majority forever and the continuation of their business would be virtually guaranteed.

  5. Brennan is Allen Dulles mainlining MkUltra Sandoz industrial-grade LSD. He’s been fired by Deplorables, but the voices in his head are camping on the sixth floor of a book depository in Dallas.


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