Brett Kavanaugh, the “black-out drunkard”, never got a DWI or DUI. Dem Senator Whitehouse can’t say the same about his son. – IOTW Report

Brett Kavanaugh, the “black-out drunkard”, never got a DWI or DUI. Dem Senator Whitehouse can’t say the same about his son.

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  1. They act like people get black-out drunk all the time.
    It seems a 0.3 BAC or higher will get you there.
    0.35 and above may kill you.
    I can remember three different times in my life I was near toxic drunk, yet I never blacked out and can remember everything I did and how I suffered through it.
    I really am a walking miracle how many times I should have died in my life.

  2. Wow. It ain’t even Monday and the left is getting run over by tanks.

    We have a whole week to watch this circus blow up in their faces.

  3. I wonder if daddy tied his tie for him too?
    Oh, I’m sorry- it was a clip on tie.

    Daddy, I gots a booboo. Fix it for me!
    “blah, blah, blah, family consequences. Talk to his lawyer.”
    c’mon son, lets go get a drink

  4. Kavanaugh graduated from Yale cum laude in its most popular major – history.

    He played on the varsity basketball team and was a reporter for the Bulldogs basketball team.

    That doesn’t leave a lot of time to get passed out drunk.

  5. Actually, some who went to school with Kavanaugh claim there was talk among his circle of friends that his attorney parents got him out of a lot of trouble and that he DID get pulled over and would have got a DUI but didn’t because his attorney / judge Mommy got him out of the charge. This was early 80’s – things much more relaxed then. Attempted rape was a misdemeanor – which shows you how little women thought of / rape not taken seriously. His Daddy an attorney, too. Lots of money & privilege. This guy got away with everything and is why he threw such a hissy fit in the hearing. Lying under oath like he did should cause him to lose his license to practice law. He could have simply said “I partied really hard but never tried to rape anyone.” Instead, he lied over, and over, and over – under oath. Why take such a big risk losing your law license by lying – unless he was worried about it supporting the bigger charge. He acted very guilty. Even if he’s innocent of attempted rape he IS guilty of repeatedly lying under oath and for that he should not be allowed to practice law. I’m an attorney – I understand how this works. Even non-attorneys should.

  6. People who knew Kavanaugh have reported that it was “known” among friends that his very wealthy attorney dad / judge mommy got him out of a lot of trouble, including a DUI. It was the 80’s – more lax then. Attempted rape was a misdemeanor in 1982, showing how rape not taken seriously then – discourages victims reporting even more. Lots of people are drunks, if only during HS and college, and don’t get a DUI. So your point fails. What IS true is Kavanaugh lied over,and over, and over – while under oath. That alone should cause him to be disbarred as an attorney. Why did he risk that by lying about things he didn’t have to lie about? Because if he admitted he was a hard core drunk, that Devil’s Triangle referred to 2guys on 1 girl, that “Renatta Alumnae” referred to he & his friends all claiming to have had sex w/her (i.e. not a virgin as claimed”)So many more lies. He lied so much because he knew all of those things supported the accusations of his sexual assaults. It’s sad that taking a sworn oath to God to tell the truth means NOTHING anymore – thanks to Kavanaugh and Republicans.

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