Brian Williams On Munich Attack: Rooting For It Not To Be ISIS

WFB: Hours after the attack in Munich, Germany, MSNBC’s Brian Williams said it was a strange feeling to root for this attack to not be related to the Islamic State.

“And why does it feel so strange to kind of root for it not being ISIS?” he asked.

Williams then said that he was hoping this attack would break the cycle of IS attacks. This comes after the recent attacks in Istanbul, Turkey, and Nice, France in which multiple innocent people were tragically killed at soft target locations.

IS claimed responsibilities for these.

“To kind of– you know, to break the cycle even though every death is an absolute tragedy and this just means we have deranged people without the affiliation, you know?” Williams said.  more

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  1. sky news uk, dhimmi reporter sam kiley has wet dreams over another “brevik” right wing style attack ,the BBC well nothing new there , channel 4 news has a ” bag head” news reader reporting on the nice truck jihad !

  2. So I can have a strange feeling to root for Brian’s attacker to not be related to Brian’s attacker?

    It’s the logical conclusion.

  3. Because the Media is running out of ways to describe these attacks without using the words “Islamic terrorism”.

  4. WTF does he mean break? This isn’t a break. This is something that slipped in between the regularly scheduled slaughter. If anything,this will redouble the muzzies efforts to reclaim the headlines.

  5. Yeah, some tart on the radio with a british accent admonished not to jump to conclusions, that it could be AQ.

    Okay, Out Of An Abundance Of Caution, I will not make a rash judgement as to which terrorist group in the Boutique of Terror Groups has won this particular head count. But I will say the the media is getting a lot of practice at impromptu narrative-building around muslim terror attacks. Maybe they are in too deep, and they can’t see the forest for the trees. Or maybe they are just flunkies doing the bidding of their masters.

  6. Williams is not alone. The entire left wing media are “chomping at the bit” to report an atrocity committed by a member of the NRA, The Tea Party, or some other Patriotic group. Please God it will never happen in America.

  7. “…this just means we have deranged people without the affiliation, you know?”

    Hey Bri. Ever notice how these attacks usually start out with 3 or 4 perps, and then magically, at the end, it turns out that there was actually only one perp, and he killed himself/was killed by police? Seems like that’s a convenient conclusion for everybody except the people who have to live with the ones who get away. And there surely are those who lived to kill another day.

  8. Obviously he is suffering from PTSD from having been shot down several times and then sit next to Maddow during the GOP Convention. He’s on the JV team, now.
    With his spectacular journalistic abilities, I think he would look at the last 1700 years to see if there is a pattern.

  9. MSNBC is to washed up News Anchors, what “The Love Boat” was to TV and Movie Has-Beens!!!

  10. The ignorant bastard would rather have multiple groups involved in terror attacks? Why does this asshole still have a job??

    * That photo caption gave me a pretty good laugh!!

  11. Thanks for sharing, Bri!

    TMI, you friggin’ retard. JUST REPORT THE STORY, ASSHOLE!

    And next time, how about praying for the victims and their families instead of getting all protective about the muzzies?

    What a douchebag.

  12. So Brian is really rooting for it to be a white, christian conservative group preferably one that has Trump’s photo in their clubhouse. Dream on.

  13. How to define Brian Williams, let me count the ways. Abomination, asshat, brain dead, Cheez Whiz for brains, despicable, loathsome, effluent, scum of the earth, fool, halfwit (too kind), dunce, sluggish, feeble-minded.
    That’s a start.

  14. The latest from the News Media:

    The suspect, identified as Ali Sonboly, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was of dual German-Iranian nationality, police confirmed on Saturday.

    There were fears the attack was motivated by a radical Islamist ideology of the kind apparently held by the attackers in the recent terror attacks in southern Germany and Nice, France. But prosecutors say the attack does not appear to be explicitly political in motivation.

    “We consider this to be a classic lone gunman without political motivation,” Thomas Steinkraus-Koch, Munich’s chief prosecutor, said in a press conference on Saturday.

    Munich Police Chief Hubertus Andrae also said that based on police searches of Sonboly’s home, ” there are no indications whatsoever that there is a connection to Islamic State.”




  15. This doesn’t make any sense at all. Who hopes for an additional problems? Sane people don’t think like this.

    Analogy: If you’re driving down the road in a car that you know has a bad left front wheel bearing, and you suddenly hear a growling noise, you don’t hope that you have another problem in addition to the bad bearing. (at least you wouldn’t if you were a sane, logical person) You would hope that the noise was because of the known bearing problem. That would mean that noise would go away once the bad bearing was replaced and no additional time or money would need to be spent other than the bearing you knew you were going to have to deal with anyway.

    What better example is there to show that the left is completely devoid of logic, reason, and sanity?

  16. Ezekiel 12:2: Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.

  17. Oh yeah, two other things. First, check out the error in my first sentence of my last comment. Should have not had the word “an” or shouldn’t had an “s” on the word “problem”.

    Second, what’s with them speculating that this might not have been an ISIS attack because the shooter used pistols? These animals will use ANYTHING to kill people, from their bare hands, to rocks, to military hardware.

  18. I went to my previously recorded program of The Five.
    Fuck, there was the Fag Shepard trying his best to convince me it was a German who killed all those kids because he was tired of the “foreigners in Germany.
    What a tool.
    They try but always fail, what was that definition of insanity again?
    Thats rhetorical, no answer needed, thanks.

  19. Geez, dude, why not go watch your daughter being ass-motor-boated by some greasy whelp with low self-esteem? Too exciting for ya? Huh?

    Why is this lying pervert still on the air?

    izlamo delenda est …

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