Brit Museum Pays $862,000 For Miniature Book

The Bronte Parsonage Museum (BPM) today acquired a book the size of a match box for a reported 780,000 Euros ($862,446). The bound edition of “Young Man’s Magazine” contains material written by Charlotte Bronte and sisters Emily and Anne when the girls were teenagers in the 1830.

With the acquisition, The BPM now has all five surviving copies from the original six that are know have existed. More

The tiny book was meant for the girl’s toy soldiers to read. The miniature text is reported to packs 4,000 words in just 20 pages, some of which are thought to be a precursor for  Charlotte Bronte’s classis “Jane Eyre.” Here

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  2. Does this mean it’s time for a “World’s Smallest/Shortest Books” contest?

    The Wisdom of Joe Biden
    Marxist Success Stories
    Pee-wee Herman’s Guide to Søren Kierkegaard
    How Epstein Killed Himself

  3. The English major in me thinks this is lovely. And, the libertarian in me noticed that Dame Judy raised a lot of private funds for the purchase. So: literature, history, culture, and private funding; looks like a happily ever after to me.

    Oh, and the feminine feminist in me loves the Bronte Sistahs!


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