Brit Sniper Takes Out ISIS Leader Teaching Beheading Class – IOTW Report

Brit Sniper Takes Out ISIS Leader Teaching Beheading Class


DailySurge: A British sniper recently ended a terrorist beheading class by beheading the teacher from 3000 feet away. The sniper observed an ISIS terrorist actually training new recruits in the art of removing a head from an infidel. Who knew they had a class as awful as that?

With one shot from his high powered weapon…class dismissed. Boom!
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17 Comments on Brit Sniper Takes Out ISIS Leader Teaching Beheading Class

  1. What is so sad is that based on the evil intentions of America hating Obama and his avid, unchecked stocking of our country
    with beheaders and other unsavory kooks we will soon need snipers right here in America!

  2. Ho ho hee hee ha ha! Afternoon soothiness.

    Another who wanted a video, however, Hung Jumper’s description was excellent.

    Allahu Fubar you vermin!

    An added note: The happy devout now dead Moslem who was the machete attacker at Nazareth restaurant in Columbus, OH was shouting ‘allahu akbar’ as he wailed away at his victims. Lame stream media tried hard not to report that but others in the restaurant spilled the news.

  3. Damn, that’s gonna mess up some swings. Probably had the wbole class starting with good technique and no bad habits. Now they’re all going to choke every time they raise the blade.

  4. The only downside was his death was to quick. No time to suffer the realization that his head was being slowly sliced asunder from the rest of him as his victims suffer.

  5. Reportedly the sniper was immediately interviewed by a news reporter who said, “You’ve just taken the life of another human being. Tell me – when you did that, did you feel anything?” The sniper thought about it for a minute and replied, “Yeah…recoil.”


  6. ironyCurtain
    February 16, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    Damn… was hoping there’d be video. I was gonna put it on endless repeat.


    Yep, that was a bit disappointing. I wanted to see a head blown off and the weasels scrambling for safety.

  7. Hopefully one of Headless Achmed’s students was filming the lesson so he could practice at home, and we’ll see it on you tube soon.

  8. Joe Biden wants the sniper’s name and address so he can invite him to the Naval Observatory for a photo op..( Remember that eegit outed Team Six).

  9. “The sniper thought about it for a minute and replied, “Yeah…recoil.”

    No, he was timing his breath and looking for the wall on his trigger. I struggle with a 1,000 yards. Point is it’s an art. And the last thing this guy was thinking about is taking a life. God I love the Lapua round.

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