Brit Teen Leaves Obscene Enviro Message For Air Force One In Lawn

Mother and step-father gave 18-year-old Ollie Nancarrow permission to use their lawn in Hatfield Heath, Essex to mow a message about climate change along the expected flight path of Air Force One before its arrival. Young Nancarrow spent the weekend scalping his parent’s lawn with designs both obscene and prosaic instead of studying for his final exams this week. More

25 Comments on Brit Teen Leaves Obscene Enviro Message For Air Force One In Lawn

  1. Dissipated wealthy Brits. Someday their land will be owned by Mohammedan lords who’ll rent it back to them.

  2. London Zoo is missing its animals today. They’re behind bars, police, as they throw ‘matter’ at President Trump, being told to keep moving. Protesting what, one of the reporters asked a miscreant? All the protesting leftist could mutter was a shriek that ended in ‘ist’.

  3. I’m surprised a young leftist can start a lawn mower. So the idiot burned wicked “fossil fuel” to telegraph her message? Hm, hypocrisy much?

  4. He burned down those climate reversing green things in order to get his point across. That’s how you get called an idiot from both sides. Like when he takes cock spitroast style. Oh, it’s my birthday today. 🙂

  5. Too bad she doesn’t know about the secret bomb bay that Trump had installed into Air Force One.

  6. They view hypocrisy with the same disinterest they do with their thriving head lice. A minor nuisance to be tolerated while saving the planet.

  7. I love how POTUS Trump took our war against the Left to the enemy. This wasn’t just a visit to see the queen, it was throwing the gauntlet down at the feet of that idiot who runs London (and thus the UK).

  8. Probably used a riding lawnmower that spewed enough exhaust to kill a small town. I bet his art teacher stood there telling him how to spell. The dick design – well he wished his was that big.

  9. @ grool: Someday? Those musloid overlords will not rent the land back to the “dissipated”. They will keep them in servants’ quarters – or worse – and force them to groom the grounds with blunt tipped scissors. Maybe by a week from next Thursday. And, the oh-so-properly dissipated probably will like it.

  10. Seems like the lad went through a lot of undo trouble for this childish jesture when he just could have called the president a poopie head.

  11. Once again the disingenuous media cannot discern the difference between Climate Change and Man Made Climate Change! There has always been Climate Change. I don’t think anybody is questioning that. The question is about Man (Mann) made Climate Change and the Left always conveniently glosses over that niggling little detail by conflating the two!

  12. Lots of cold, hungry Brits looking for US food and
    fuel on the horizon as the Solar Minimum deepens.
    With the warm friendly Sun taking a nap (see paintings
    of ppl ice skating on the Thames) as during the Maunder Minimum, they will need all the hated warmth they can get.
    With a little luck Trump will still be President
    and can be snootily magnanamous as the ungrateful Brits
    (WWI-WWII) come back knocking yet again.

  13. No, AF One cannot have a bomb bay.

    But it could be equipped like a cropduster with loads of Roundup. 🙂


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