British Actor Is Pro-Trump/Anti-Woke: ‘Will This Kill My Career?’

Meet Laurence Fox. I’ve never heard of him, but he seems like a likable fellow.
As an experiment, Laurence once wore a Trump 2020 hat around town. He also wore it to an actor’s luncheon and was asked to remove it.
He said no. Get the story here – Watch the short interview at the link.

9 Comments on British Actor Is Pro-Trump/Anti-Woke: ‘Will This Kill My Career?’

  1. Don’t sweat it Mr. Fox, we’ve limited ourselves as far as movies go because we’re so disgusted with the shabby selection of leftist loudmouthed actors out there. We’d enjoy watching a talent that isn’t a complete asshole so you have a fan base waiting for you.

  2. I thought he was excellent in the Inspector Morse spin off, in Elizabeth and in Victoria. Fun to watch. Good on him for being sane in a milieu full of insane people.

  3. Look…the Left has trained me to be untrusting. This could be a cynical career move by some bottom drawer thespian, just playing another role to exploit a new angle for celebrity. Or, he’s legit.

    Who really can know?

  4. I am not a Trump fan, mainly because he wants to change the student loan law, and it will be more difficult for students to pay for education. Even now, to pay for my studies, I work at and help students write their assignments. I do this in order not to take student loans. Therefore, it is difficult for me to agree with this guy.

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