British actress rages at Uber ‘sharia’ driver who said she was dressed ‘disgustingly’

CreepingSharia: Acclaimed actress Frances Barber has claimed she was verbally accosted by a “sharia” taxi driver who disapproved of her dress.
frances barber - verbally accosted by muslim driver

The 58-year-old star of BBC1 legal drama Silk said she flew into a rage following the incident that happened after a showbusiness awards ceremony. story here

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  1. Well honestly that’s one old ugly bitch with a lot of paint and bondo. Do any of these people grow old gracefully? Look at her hands.

  2. It was the “earings” or whatever were hanging from her head. They looked a bit like entrails or some surprise inner you pull out of a poorly eviscerated raw turkey.

  3. That was me. My old IPhone pissed me off the other night so I killed it and the new one doesn’t
    remember my I’d. I’d kill this one too but I can’t afford it.

  4. Well, the Uber driver got one thing right – she shouldn’t be alone in London, especially if her Uber driver is Muslim. She’s lucky he didn’t rape her.

    As for her looks, you guys are a tough audience. I was going to write that she doesn’t look bad for an older woman, but then I looked her up, online. Turns out, she’s only 57 years old. Or else she lied on her bio. Either way, I give her credit for not having already had one of those awful face lifts that makes all of the women in Hollywood over a certain age look like they’re wearing the same, rigid, lifeless mask. That, to my way of thinking, makes her aging gracefully.

  5. Silk is a very good series. On BBC America.

    Frances Barber is an excellent actress. I applaud her for not doing the plastic surgery crap to her face. Some people age faster, look older than they are maybe because of hard life, genes play a big role, smokers look older, etc.

    Maybe this will be a wake up call to Caucasions. Hopefully. What is total BS is these muzlim monsters not being prosecuted for crimes.

    Whites better start working together.

  6. Although I want to be sympathetic, how bad can one feel for a country that willingly handed the kingdom over to barbarians.
    Somebody needs to read the fable of the scorpion and the frog.
    These bucktoothed inbreed retards, need to just go over to Ireland to get some fresh blood, Princess Di did.
    You think that handsome, strapping, redhead lad of her’s came from Chuck’s loins?

  7. Geez, some of the men here don’t seem to realize that women actually get old and that ALL women don’t have plastic surgery and Botox. She is a nice looking lady, she is in her late fifties and is actually dressed appropriately; no boobs hanging out or too short dress and no panties. Apparently you either have to be in your twenties or have a lot of work done to appeal to this crowd.

    And also, you blast people if they don’t complain about the muzzies, then blast them when they DO complain. There’s no winning with you guys.

  8. Even in the early 2000s you would scarcely see a caucasian in London unless they were tourists. Me and a friend were in London in 2006 and took a cab to Winchester Cathedral. During the ride the Pakistani cab driver felt it was his duty to give us a lecture on the evils of George Bush.

  9. She has clothes on. That’s more than I can say for most of the young tartlets (and the aging disgracefully ones like J-Lo) lol.

    Nothing wrong with her outfit. [the earrings are weird though] The mussie cabbie was probably a toothless stank breathed bastard who wouldn’t get a second look from a modern woman like Frances.

    Go home to your 500lb hefty bag and trim her back hair, achmed.

  10. Oh yeah, and her country has only itself to blame. They let them in and let them run rampant. At least she said something, but damn, how long is it gonna take to actually start making moves to stop those muslims? “This is London”? Riiiight. You’re not where you grew up anymore, dear.

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