British Airways flies carbon-neutral flight powered by recycled cooking oil

The aircraft flew from London to Glasgow on Tuesday.

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  1. Ok, I’m glad we are diversifying our energy usage. We should be utilizing all available sources available to us.

  2. “Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for participating in this historic flight. Be sure to register for the return flight, which will take place in about 6 months when we gather and process enough used cooking oil necessary to make that trip…”

  3. A Cathay Pacific flight took on bad fuel once, went to several different places with different crews, then the fuel valves locked up over the ocean almost forcing the plane to ditch.

    Fuel valves on jet aircraft are very sensitive, have very tight tolerances, but the problem doesn’t always show up right away, or remain the same when it does.

    In this case, the contaminated fuel corroded the valves over time until first they wouldn’t open so the plane didn’t have enough power to remain airborne, then they couldn’t power back which made the landing very dangerous.

    By the grace of God they were able to get down safely, but “Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”
    (Matthew 4:7).

    You wanna fly with garbage fuel for frequent bunny hugger points, you go right ahead.

    But don’t fly over MY house please.

    …and it won’t stay very carbon neutral when it’s in a flaming ruin in the middle of a hotel next to the airport, just sayin’…

  4. And the world would reach “peak cooking oil” in about ten minutes. About the same as the flicking idiots who respond that they will become hunter gathers if they succeed in collapsing the economy. 70M deer in the United States and a son of a bitch who has to call a service technician to have the batteries in his wife’s vibrator changed out is going to find one to shoot on day one with 350M other hungry people also in the field. And then how about two weeks later? The fucking loons are not worthy of respect on any level.

  5. There are many stories of people processing used cooking oil to burn in their diesel vehicles, including travelling around to multiple restaurants to drain their fryers, then filtering the oils, and modifying the fuel injection systems of the vehicles. All to roughly cover the same distance they travelled in order to collect the oil in the first place…

  6. Mohammed’s pink swastika. I totally agree with you. Now there is NO EXCUSE for our cars to run on the same thing that the plane did.

    HOWEVER! Time to pray against those who oppose such ideas because they won’t be able to afford to go to Belize three times a year and will have to settle for two since cooking oil is dirt cheap.

  7. Anonymous
    SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 AT 10:15 AM
    “Will never fly again, so won’t affect me.”

    Don’t be too sure about the “won’t affect me” part. A plane can crash pretty much anywhere and you don’t have to be ON one to DIE In it…


    …or BIG…

    …if there’s a plane with fouled fuel flying towards you, you don’t need a ticket tend up on its death manifest, just sayin’…

  8. I’m in an odd mood this morning, so here’s an idea for another renewable energy source: Mandate liposuction for any morbidly obese people who are on any kind of welfare or undergoing charity surgery or other hospital care. Render the lipo results and use the resulting fuel to power the generators used for recharging the electric fatso carts at Walmart.

  9. Why don’t they see if they can power a plane with recycled unused and expired covid jabs? Hopefully, there will be plenty of that in the near future, Although the exhaust might be some of the most toxic stuff on earth.

  10. I made a comment decades ago that there is a critical mass of people who just cannot prolonged peace and prosperity. Strife and deprivation is what it takes to keep them occupied on anything other than thoughts of harnessing unicorn farts to power their wet dream world.

  11. Dear tree huggers: combustion of hydrocarbon chains generates the exact same amount of “carbon” regardless of source. So, what they are fretting about is produced carbon dioxide which remains the same, or higher if you figure in the energy to process the oil and separate the water.

    Must think they will switch hands and gain a stroke.

  12. Boring!

    They are working on a new engine powered by Hilary Clinton Gunt Fat.
    Only problem is it requires about $100 bucks worth of Vodka and $50 worth of Fried Chicken & Hot Sauce per mile.

  13. Ah Tim, you’re relying on empirical evidence derived from experiments conducted according to the scientific method.

    The study cited in the article used more modern techniques including Common Core mathematics coupled with endogenic social excogitates amalgamated with plyometric disulfide bridges excited by heterodimeric molecules synthesized in a trisodium dihydrate excimer, which then couples to the ground state of course.

    Like you said, “silly bullshit!”


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