British ANTIFA Attack Elderly Trump Supporter

12 Comments on British ANTIFA Attack Elderly Trump Supporter

  1. A pack of Hyena’s. The unrest in the sixties with race riots and war protests pales in comparison.
    The beast that is so slow to rise into action is beginning to
    stir and I doubt these animals realize what that will mean for them.

  2. To sinister politicians seeking control, a cohesive and patriotic population is a roadblock. For several years now those politicians have been busy destroying the unity of their perspective nations and the results are what we’re seeing now.
    This is what the globalists have been seeking.

  3. I wonder… Should I start carrying my Asp again, so any ‘retarded antifa’, (but I repeat myself), that mindlessly, (there I go again), attacks innocent, even elderly folks and needs his head split can receive his deserts without the smell of spent nitrocellulose gases in the air???

  4. They’re all the same; real brave against women, the elderly or 6 to 1 odds. Strangely pacifistic otherwise. Unless, of course, you make the mistake of turning your back on one.

    Who would have thought Antifa world-wide would have all been trained by the same Martial Arts Master; Sensei Cheap Shot Charlie! lol

  5. Being a physically disabled and concealed carry, I try to avoid situations that may precipitate a lethal response. Most physical assaults on me could make me afraid for my life as I cannot fight back in any other way. It is sad that I hesitate to wear certain headgear and shirts for fear of being assaulted but out of an abundance of caution I refrain when carrying. In this regard, the left has already won.

  6. Cowardly thugs attack an old man, is anybody arrested?, probably not. Woman bursts a balloon, is she arrested?, heck yes, something wrong with this picture.


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