British Border Jumpers Claim Harsh Treatment in U.S. Detention Center

JD Hasty’s opinion is that this is a diaper load. I concur.

These are criminals, hellbent on illegally sneaking into the United States, while simultaneously disparaging it. They are deadbeats looking to exploit the country’s services.


Seven members of an extended British family who made an unauthorized crossing into the United States from Canada are being held in federal custody at a Pennsylvania detention center nearly two weeks after their arrest, their lawyer said Tuesday, as U.S. border officials defended their handling of the case by disclosing that two of the adults had previously been denied entry to the country.

The family said they blundered into Washington state while trying to avoid an animal in the road on the Canadian side and have since been “treated like criminals” by their U.S. jailers, forced to bide their time in a series of cold and unsanitary immigration facilities as they await deportation to England. The detainees include an infant and 2-year-old twins.

U.S. officials assert the family of Eileen and David Connors crossed the border on purpose, noting their vehicle was observed “slowly and deliberately” driving through a ditch to cross into U.S. territory in Blaine on Oct. 2. Four adults and three children were inside.

“During processing, record checks revealed two of the adults were previously denied travel authorization to come to the United States,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday in a statement to The Associated Press.


Yeah, they were “avoiding an animal.”

That’s no way to describe border patrol.

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  1. Was one of the Conner twins named ‘Sarah’?….The ditch might have been a window into the future….

  2. I know that stretch of road well. There are two roads running parallel to each other, one in the US and one in Canada. The only barrier is a ditch in between them. It’s a pretty deep ditch in most places, they would have had to pick their place to cross carefully.

  3. 4 adults. 3 children. 1 “extended” family. All in 1 vehicle?

    2 of the adults had already tried gaining entry into United States, and been officially denied. From Great Britain? Or 2 adults from somewhere other than Great Britain, denied entry into United States, gained entry to Canada, and “accidentally” got driven into United States by their British relatives, from Canada?

    And a “he said/xe said” (it couldn’t be “fake” news): When in Washington State, Canada refused to allow any of them official re-entry. (“Not our circus, not our monkeys”?)

  4. Their story is bullshit. First, the claim that they accidentally crossed the border in order to avoid an animal is a pants load. But here’s the kicker – the US tried to return them to Canada, and the Canadians didn’t want them back. So why is this family’s plight a US problem, when Canada seems happy to be rid of them?

  5. They were on 0 (Zero) Avenue. I live on 80 Ave, so I am very close. To swerve off of 0 Avenue, they would have crashed through a ditch and probably into people’s back yards across the border.

    This is a link to website of a B&B on the US side.

    From what I understand, the people crossed into Blaine. You can slide the map On that link and see there is no road on the US side close to 0 Avenue.

    Funny how Canada did not let them back in, either.

  6. “..have since been “treated like criminals” by their U.S. jailers,..”
    Here’s a hint: You’re not like criminals. You are criminals.
    If your treatment isn’t uncomfortable, it ought to be.

    I’m guessing you expected the Obama admin DHS program. Free transportation to your city of choice, with a taxpayer funded rent free apartment and EBT card waiting for you to arrive.

  7. And OregonLive ran this headline (in keeping with their “Orange man bad” narrative):
    “A British Family Accidentally drove into the U.S. They’ve spent days detained with their 3-month-old baby.”

  8. The condition of the Canadian and U.S. border should be as big a concern as the Southern border. Both borders have been like swiss cheese for a long time. Illegals and some Canadians want to be part of the successful U.S. economy President Trump has created just as much as the illegal Southern border runners.

  9. It is starting to leak… $16K in cash on them and more. I have not been able to keep up with the developments, but will try and fit in a bit of time this evening. I have lots of emails from friends to go through.

  10. So they had been denied entry to the US TWICE already. Canada didn’t want them back. After TWO attempts by US border patrol to British Consular went unanswered, they were turned over to immigration detention in PA.

    Seems no one wants these vagabonds.

    Don’t tell me these are escaped ISIS fighters who made it all the way to the US. Lindsey and Pelosi should check into this pronto.

  11. AA: if they were no longer legal in Canada then they may be denied entry, such as if their visas were expired.

  12. Yes, taking a road trip in a deserted area with four adults, two toddlers and an infant stuffed into one vehicle is exactly my idea of a vacation…

  13. Turns out it was in Abbotsford, about the only place where there is a road close by on the US side. Strictly by coincidence, of course.

  14. They were expecting to be housed in the Ritz-Carleton. But instead of drinking Dom Perignon, they have to drink water out of the terlet in a detention center.

    That’s just so sad.

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