British Media Outlets Begin Distancing Themselves From UK Black Lives Matter Organization

Legal Insurrection: In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, we saw protests and violent riots break out across America. Marchers carried signs that read “silence is violence” and “Black Lives Matter.”

“Black Lives Matter,” as we all know, is more than just a slogan. It’s a radical left-wing organization with an anti-capitalism, anti-police, anti-America, and anti-Israel agenda. Over the last several weeks, the group and their message have risen to what Fox News’s Tucker Carlson described last month as an “unprecedented” level of power “for an American political movement.”

“Black Lives Matter now enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism,” Carlson correctly pointed out at the time. He would know, considering that he has become a target of boycott efforts on behalf of BLM simply for daring to criticize the group’s agenda and how they really operate.

A big reason why Black Lives Matter is treated as though they are above criticism and scrutiny is because the mainstream media treats them that way. In fact, supposedly objective media reporters have actually gone on record defending the group, as we saw earlier this week when ABC News reporter Jon Karl and PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor rushed to their defense during a press briefing after President Trump called a planned NYC “Black Lives Matter” road painting a “symbol of hate” in a tweet.

“Why is the president calling Black Lives Matter a symbol of hate?” an agitated Karl asked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany Wednesday.

“On Monday, the president went after stripping racist themes on buildings. On Tuesday he went after a rule to combat segregation. And then today, he said that he describes the words Black Lives Matter as a symbol of hate. Why is he digging in on race in this way?” an indignant Alcindor asked during the same press conference. MORE

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  1. @mja – “…Meghan Markle hardest hit…”

    Yeahh, on two fronts: BLM and BWM (Black Wives Matter)

  2. The tide is already starting to turn on these assholes. The everyday Joe core of black true believers is starting to wake up to the fact that BLM does not want to end racism, they want to increase it. It’s their revenue stream.

    The core is also noticing that all the white support they get is from self-hating white sheeple and that support is just a bribe, not a commitment.

    Conservatives have always been wise to it and that’s why they hate us.

  3. The BBC in particular has significantly pulled back in their shows of support for the group, claiming they don’t want to appear to be endorsing a political cause: LOL

    Certainly not because they don’t support any anti Western civilization militant groups. The EU has their anti Semitic pro palestian hands full. In coordination with the DNC and some Republicans, they’ll leave BLM and antifa to destroy the US. Otherwise known as divide and conquer.

  4. … only after their research showed that the public does not want to be locked up for 4 months to then watch their lives threatened and cities torched buy the scum the media panders towards.

  5. @MJA

    One bad marriage and Harry just found out that without Royal Title he is about as marketable as every other pasty white male ginger in a world that his race is blamed for everything that is wrong.

    Except, there is a lot of truth to his families, and all of Europe’s truly entitled Royal families, guilt.

    Good Thing you Americans had that Boston Tea Party Thingy!

  6. Well the former eastern block nations like Poland and Ukraine knew and they stomped it right away.


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