British MP Asks If British Gov’t Covered Up Hezbollah ‘Bomb Factory’ Because of Iran Nuclear Deal


( – A British lawmaker is calling for answers after it was revealed at the weekend that authorities swooped on a Hezbollah “bomb factory” in London four years ago – just weeks after Britain, the U.S. and others concluded the nuclear deal with the regime in Iran, Hezbollah’s chief sponsor and patron.

Joan Ryan, an independent member of the House of Commons, asked Home Secretary Sajid Javid in a letter Monday why details of the September 2015 raid had not been made public.

“Can you confirm that nobody in Government ordered this information to be withheld from the public because of its sensitivity due to Iran’s funding and support for Hezbollah and the recent conclusion of the Iran nuclear deal?” she asked.

Ryan, who for years campaigned for Britain to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist group – in its entirety, rather than just its purported “military wing” – also wanted to know why the government resisted that move until early this year, even though it was aware in 2015 of its apparent terrorist plotting in the U.K.

Citing security sources, the Daily Telegraph reported on Sunday that, following a tip-off from a foreign government, police and the MI5 intelligence service raided four properties on the outskirts of the capital on Sept. 30, 2015, and discovered three metric tons of ammonium nitrate, concealed in disposable ice packs. A man in his 40s was arrested but later released without charge, it said.  more here

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  2. I listen to Dan bongino radio show last night for June 10th I think. He covers this and a huge amount more. And he’s so much more entertaining than reading it. You can get the show on YouTube.


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