British Social Worker-Turned-Sniper ‘Killed 250 ISIS Fighters’

Epoch Times: A British social worker who ended up sniping for the Kurdish forces against ISIS claims he killed hundreds of jihadi extremists in the fight to bring the terrorist group to its knees.

Azad Cudi, a 34-year-old British national with a Kurdish background, traveled to Syria in 2013 to do social work in the war-torn region, according to the Orion Publishing Group. But as the civil war expanded, he took up arms and became a fighter with the volunteer army—the YPG forces—after they came into conflict with ISIS.  more here


9 Comments on British Social Worker-Turned-Sniper ‘Killed 250 ISIS Fighters’

  1. It’s entirely possible.

    In A Rifleman Went To War McBride discusses his sniping during WWII

    I can see how a good team could roll up a pretty healthy score

  2. That’s a 308. AK-N. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s still a 7.62 by 39. But none of that matters if they were taking life seriously.


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