British wind farm blades eroding after few years at sea

ITV: An investigation by ITV News Meridian has revealed that turbine blades at the world’s largest offshore wind farm off Kent have developed a fault. Erosion repairs to the turbines could cost millions of pounds as the owners are forced to carry out emergency repairs to 140 of the turbines.  read more

19 Comments on British wind farm blades eroding after few years at sea

  1. Machines with many moving parts situated in the most corrosive environment on earth. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Typical enviro-nazi’s, toss out proven efficient resources/methods for ideology, and ask questions later.

  3. Was a senior exec in a shipbuilding and repair corporation (and also hold a BS in Metallurgy). Sea water does nasty things to metal, like making it disappear.

    The Lord’s way of saying “You don’t belong here”.

  4. I think I’ll send this to Susan Collins. She has been pushing for wind power off the coast of Maine. smh

  5. So after watching the video, the largest wind farm in the world only supplies power for 1.8 million people in the county of Kent. That is half of the county. The population of Great Britain is about 66 million. So the world’s largest wind farm which takes a huge amount of space only supplies enough power for 3% of Great Britain. There isn’t enough space in the ocean to put up enough of those monstrosities to replace oil or nuclear.
    What a waste of money, time and area.

  6. We told you so just doesn’t seem taunting enough.

    But, WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone have anything stronger besides Na na na na na?

  7. Sorry, cannot source. But last week somewhere in the conservative blogosphere there was an article about the Soviets inventing radical environmentalism to damage our economy and make their oil cheaper on the world market. Gotta hunch they’re behind wind and solar as well.

  8. One issue that is never mentioned, you need to have conventional power plants operating on “spinning standby” at all times. When the wind dies down you have to have a back up source of power ready to feed into the grid to prevent an over load and shut down. The wind farm does not replace any of the coal, gas or oil power plants. They are only an expensive feel good short term dream.

  9. Pelopidas’

    Cue the picture of the baby laughing…

    You’re killing me

    How to make something unworkable and more expensive?
    Ask a liberal progressive!

  10. St Cloud, Mn. has a 3 million dollar windmill at the VA hospital that has never produced a kilowatt of electricity. It sits there ever motionless as a monument to the windmills of the mindless and the impossible dream.

  11. @Pelopidas March 14, 2018 at 12:21 pm – “Did they break even on the initial outlay? Not that it matters to the green Nazis.”

    I have a friend who used to install these things and he says it takes at least 20 years before they break even and, of course, they don’t last that long. The ONLY reason they exist at all is the government gives very large subsidies to the companies that put them up.

    They’re only for the feels, not an actual substitute for fossil fuels.

  12. T Boone Pickens got in and got out real fast when he saw they would never make any money on wind power

  13. The magnets are made in China where there are no protections for factory workers. The magnets are made with carcinogens.


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