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Brits warned of empty shelves in grocery stores

RT: UK consumers may have to get used to empty shelves in supermarkets due to unprecedented shortages of fresh vegetables amid record food price inflation and skyrocketing energy costs, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

British shoppers have been experiencing a scarcity of fresh food for months as sales of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and some fruits were limited by most of the country’s largest supermarkets due to supply deficiency. Poor weather conditions have disrupted harvests in Europe and North Africa, while inflation led to higher costs for produce from the UK’s key markets such as Spain, the outlet said.

Britain imports around 95% of its tomatoes over the winter, according to the British Retail Consortium. In January, the UK bought 266,273 tons of vegetables – the smallest amount for any January since 2010 when the country’s population was 7% smaller than at present, tax office data showed.

This comes as British consumers are grappling with record grocery price inflation, which has surged to 17.5% in the four weeks to March 19. MORE

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  1. The British mustard of choice is powdered.
    Like Sugar. Powdered Sugar.
    French mustard is made with wine.
    Italian mustards favor vinegar.
    In Italian suger or sweet is Dolce.

    Would you like to play an April Fools Day Game?

    Yes? Good.
    Do This.

    (PS up front, if you do not know what you are doing, don’t do it)

    Clear your Cache
    Go to Google search page
    only type in Dolce and hit enter
    On the Results Page look at the top and Select NEWS.

    April Fools

  2. Not to worry, I’m sure they won’t run out of bugs and worms.

  3. Politically made shortage.

    It’s time to revolt.

  4. Boo frickin hoo. In spite of warnings, head-in-the-sand dumb asses voted for dishonest, thieving, and corrupt socialists, thinking “Oh, that won’t happen to me if I vote for them.” Well, guess what? It’s happening to them.

  5. Lucky for them.

    Have you tasted what they call Food?

  6. Now they’ll only have to brush their teeth once a week.

  7. Yeah well. I have a few close relatives in the UK. If you posted this story where they are, they wouldn’t know what the hell you were talking about. None of them have experienced shortages in any shops or supermarkets.

  8. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Time to renew Victory Gardens, and re-learn the art and science of canning.

  9. Blokes (the English) eat some very strange stuff. I lived over there for two years. I went into a small shop one day and saw a guy buy a pickled eel from a huge glass jar on the counter. He walked out chomping on the slug-like critter. I almost got sick watching.

  10. Mrs. radiomatmm,

    Depends where you are & $$$$.

    Engineer Buddy of mine just got back from London Thursday. He has Money. LOTS!
    First Meal requested: “STEAK, Rare.”

    Same thing as 3 different buddies 20 years ago when i invited them.
    “MEAT, any type of meat or Real Bacon”


  11. With friends like the US, who needs enemies?

  12. “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Imagine the next friendly meeting between Germany & Biden…


  14. When I was stationed in the UK with the USAF during the mid-70’s, we did virtually all of our grocery shopping at the commissary on the American base. The USAF flew in everything from the states that an American family could want. Very rarely did we have to buy food off base. When we did, it was things like fresh, hot bread delivered to our door every morning baked in coal-fired brick ovens right in our village. That stuff was awesome. The chicken over there tasted like fish as they fed ground fish meal to them. Cows were fed ground/powdered sheep innards, including the brains. Remember Mad Cow Disease anyone. That’s how it started. Until recently, you couldn’t donate blood if you spent time in the UK during the 80’s.

  15. Dr. Hambone,
    And $2 steaks abounded.
    There was a downside.
    BBQ Sauces.
    Only choices were Kraft and little bottles of smoke.
    The charcoal there burned good but had no flavour.

  16. @ Craft Commissary
    A buddy and I used to go to a pub in the village of Southwick called The Shuckburgh Arms. On Thursday nights, you could get a steak dinner for 50P ($1.25) The steak was small, but you got plenty of chips (fries) and vegetables. We’d order two or three of the dinners each as we were young, thin and hungry guys back in those days. Along with a couple of pints of bitter and you left full. Good times!

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