Broaddrick slams Megyn Kelly: ‘She is everything she says she is against’ – IOTW Report

Broaddrick slams Megyn Kelly: ‘She is everything she says she is against’

AmericanMirror: Juanita Broaddrick is calling out Fox News star Megyn Kelly over claiming she can tolerate a lot of things, but not bullies.

On Wednesday afternoon, Broaddrick ripped Kelly on Twitter. The woman who has accused Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978 shared a graphic from Kelly’s new book, “Settle For More.”

“To this day,” Kelly writes in the book, “I can handle people who are dumb, lazy, or generally annoying. The one thing I cannot and will not tolerate is a bully.”

“Megyn can dish it out but she can’t take it!!” Broaddrick tweeted. “Megyn Kelly was a ‘bully’ to us: Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and I.”

She called me a liar and was very dismissive of mine, Kathleen and Paula’s allegations while she spent so much time talking about women’s allegations against Trump,” Broaddrick told The American Mirror Wednesday night.  more

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  1. The sooner Megyn Kelly loses her job, with no future prospects in sight, the better I’ll like it. $20 mil? Maybe $2, tops. And she’d better be able to make a good sammich and a cuppa coffee.

  2. Her name is Mudd. She tried to make it all about her. I’m sure she thought Trump would lose and she would be a Rock $tar to the left. What a trophy she would have been too (not a mole)… like spoils of war. She appraised her unique position to favor a Clinton win. No plan B I guess! Heh heh! Bye Mudd 👋🏻

  3. Any halfwit, experiencing the so called harrassment she claims, would immediately contact HR, quit and hired a good attorney. Instead, despite the horror she felt, she stuck around, never said a word and continued to climb the ladder for 10 years. Only when she peaked with big fat paychecks, a hate for Trump and looking at a book deal did she feel the need to speak up. She is an insult to women who have seriously been sexually harrassed. POS bimbo is what she is

  4. oh man that one needed after treatment with eye bleach. That’s as bad as Gramma Cankles waking up after three days binge drinking and covered in her own vomit. I have seen bigger bazooms on a dressed Turkey fresh outta the oven.

  5. Me Gyn is no different than any flaming trollip that just got 5 minutes of fame. Women who call attention to themselves like this are patently unattractive.

  6. Megan Kelly misstated her opinion. She didn’t mean she can’t tolerate bullies. She meant to say she is a bully and her opinions are bull shiit. Gwqen and whatshername are right. If Fox didn’t give her a job no one would.

  7. Ever since Kelly attacked Trump in the first debate with that stupid Rosie O’ Donnell question, I have no use for her. Then I found out about her Howard Stern gab fest. She’s a has been. Bye, bye bitch.

  8. How does she expect to be taken seriously when she dresses in slips when she’s on air?
    Very professional. She has an arrogant and condescending manner, and too big an ego.
    Stopped watching her months ago.

  9. Dammit! not Ms. Broaddrick’s ! I meant Megyn Kelly’s face. My apologies. I got all caught up in the mud slinging.

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