Broadway Play “Hillary and Clinton” to Close Early Due to Low Ticket Sales

Bongino: The Broadway play Hillary and Clinton will close one month early due to poor ticket sales.

The show stars John Lithgow and Laurie Metcalf and will have its final performance this Sunday. The play was originally scheduled to run through July 21.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the play cost $4.2 million to produce and its cumulative box office only stands at $4.7 million.

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  1. I watched the first new episode of Roseanne, however long ago that was. Didn’t watch after the first double episode. My biggest takeaway was that Laurie Metcalf’s acting was beyond atrocious.

  2. I bet Lithgow actually looks better in a lime green maosuit than Hillary, but can he imitate her pratfalls? Maybe that’s why the play closed early?

  3. @Crackerbaby:

    “How in the world did it make 4.7 M?”

    ‘Cuz it’s New York, baby, the meatball capital of North America if not the world.

  4. What happened? Usually, the Clintons and all their sycophants buy up everything, like their books and sainted presence, too make it look like they are eminently successful!

  5. Name of deity used sacrilegiously on a trampoline!?! Someone thought it would be a good idea to make a Broadway play on Hillary set in a hotel room, in New Hampshire circa 2008? John Lithgow is Bubba? And someone pumped 4 mill into this project? That is so out there not eve a Coast

    If I had written it and directed it the setting would be hotel room N.Y. N.Y. the night of the election and it would follow her with her 95% projection of wining until she becomes an intoxicated banshee from hell- think the Bunker scene with Hitler- where she, in a moment of clarity, lists all the things that added up to her loss. I’m talking Bill’s philandering and her character assassinating the women, Bill’s raping and her character assassinating his victims, e-mails, uranium deals, Haiti and the Clinton Foundation, Cattle gate, 900 FBI files, Vince Foster, White water, “landing under sniper fire”, changing her accent when talking in minority churches, standing by her/ I don’t bake cookies and then having to stand by her man and being forced to bake cookies, having been passed over for Obama and using party power to ice out Bernie and a whole lot more only to end broken and contrite accepting the reality of the loss “and it did not help that I got that child rapist off by telling the jury that 11 year old girls was begging and on top of that I recorded stating I knew knew he was guilty and laughed at the idea I got him off”. ***Stage notes As Hillary begins her rant the lights fade out all the on lookers in the room until she alone sits under a spot light that it too begins to fade and when she finishes confessing to freed a known child rapist and laugh the last light goes out and then the audio of her confessing to have freed a man guilty of raping an 11 and laughing is played in the dark.

  6. Bill was just looking for an excuse to run a casting couch.
    Who was Monica the Human Humidor? Alyssa Milano isn’t portly enough but she sure could use the work.

  7. …in hindsight, the decision to use an innovative techique to replicate the smell of Hillary in order to give the audience a “more immersive” experience may not have been the best way to increase box office sales…

  8. Replicated the smell of Hillary in order to give the audience a “more immersive” experience,,,eghhhhh.
    John Waters did the Odorama scratch n sniff thingy in the early 80’s in ‘Polyester’.
    And the scent goes on, the scent goes on,,,,
    RIP Sonny Bono
    Cher,,, not so much to you.

  9. I’m sure carrying Hillary around on the Stage killed more stuntmen than

    the “Spiderman” disaster…

  10. Guess whut Wally? Her “Administration” closed down four years early for the same reason… Lack of interest in the nasty old bitch!

  11. in the immortal words of Snagglepuss … “Exit, stage right”

    which comes to the Clintons they have never understood to exit, gracefully, from the stage when their time was up … their ‘freshness date’ has expired well over a decade ago


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