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Brother of Retired Exterminator Accused of Murder Said (unintentionally) “He Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly”

I am shocked no one picked up on this. It’s pretty damn funny in light of the serious nature of the story.


Investigators say they’ve tracked down the man who abducted 15-year-old Karen Stitt from a bus stop in California 40 years ago, raped her, stabbed her 59 times, and left her to die.

The Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office says Gary Ramirez, 75, was arrested in Hawaii last week and will be extradited to California to stand trial on charges of murder, kidnap, and rape, NBC News reports. Police say Stitt took a bus from her home in the Bay Area city of Palo Alto to Sunnyvale to visit her boyfriend on Sept. 2, 1982, and was abducted as she waited for a bus home. The next morning, a truck driver found her body at the base of a cinder block wall around 100 yards from the bus stop.

The boyfriend—who said he felt bad about leaving Stitt alone at the bus stop but was worried about being punished for staying out past curfew—was considered a suspect for 20 years or so, until DNA analysis of bodily fluids from the crime scene ruled him out in the early 2000s. Sunnyvale police Detective Matt Hutchison, who’s 38 and has followed the case since he was a child, worked with a genealogist to narrow the list of suspects to four brothers from Fresno in 2019 and collected a DNA sample from one of Ramirez’s children, CBS News reports. A search warrant was obtained to swap Ramirez’s mouth for a sample, and the DNA matched that at the crime scene.

Hutchison personally arrested Ramirez in Maui. He tells the San Jose Mercury News that when the DNA match came back, he opened a photo of Stitt on his laptop “and I just told her, ‘We did it.'” “Behind every old murder file in every major police department, there is a person, heartbreak, and a mystery,” Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen said in a statement. “The mystery of Karen Stitt’s death has been solved thanks to advances in forensic science and a detective that would never, ever give up.” Rudy Ramirez, the suspect’s older brother, says Gary Ramirez moved to Hawaii in the late 1980s. He says his brother wouldn’t hurt a fly, and he has never seen him angry or violent.


He was an exterminator. He hurt flies for a living!

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  1. Perhaps he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but he definitely murdered a teenage girl. Basically got away with it too.

  2. I wonder how many Covid-19 PCR test swabs ended up being analyzed for DNA and being stored in some govt database. And those genealogy websites can really home in on bloodlines. Sure I’m glad this guy got nailed for rape and murder, but this really sucks on the right to privacy front.

  3. Don’t tell me: When the 75-year old exterminator/suspect found out he would be arrested, he said to no one in particular, “Where’s my roach clip – I got some bad vibes”, and “They’ll raid my pad, but they’ll never take me alive…I’ll fight like a cornered rat”.


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