Broward Sheriff Deputies’ Union Chief: Andrew Gillum(D- FL) Willing to Defend Anti-Police Radicals

Breitbart: Jeff Bell, president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, slammed Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum over his reported signing a radical organization’s “Freedom Pledge” that contains anti-police rhetoric.

“By signing the Freedom Pledge, Mr. Gillum has made it clear that he supports and is willing to defend anti-law enforcement, anti-government radical groups like the Dream Defenders,” Bell told Breitbart News. “The true agenda of Mr. Gillum wanting to become the next Governor must be questioned if he is so willing to support radicalization over the rule of law.”

Bell continued:

Under Mayor Gillum’s leadership, Tallahassee (191,000 residents) and Leon County continue to lead the state of Florida with the highest crime rates. Florida thrives on its tourism industry. It is unfathomable to think that our next governor would support abolishing ICE and strip funding to law enforcement budgets which will certainly leave our communities and visitors vulnerable.

Florida needs a strong leader who is willing to make the right decisions under pressure, which may not be the popular choice at the time. That leader is not Andrew Gillum.

The pledge in question is a project of Dream Defenders, an anti-Israel, anti-capitalist group with which Gillum has evidenced a longtime close personal and professional relationship.  more here

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  1. Post Hurricane Michael, he was doing a ride along with utility crews and accidentally slipped out “reparations” instead of “repairs” of utilities.

  2. Bloomberg has an article saying Gillum is up by 6 pct pts over DeSantis, 52 to 46.

    But there’s an interesting observation in this paragraph:

    Gillum, seen as a more progressive Democrat, represents a departure from the “traditional, centrist kind of candidate” that Florida Democrats have tended to run for governor, said Kevin Wagner of Florida Atlantic University. As such, Gillum may be stoking turnout among voters who might not otherwise vote in a midterm election.

    (emphasis mine) I don’t think the pollsters, prognosticators, and pundits realize that the stoking is mainly prompting conservatives and Reps who might not otherwise have voted to go to the polls to make damned sure DeSantis whomps Gillum.

  3. I read that Andrew Gillum accepted free tickets to the play, Hamilton, from an undercover FBI agent and then lied about it.
    Remember when they were going to replace Alexander Hamilton with Harriet Tubman on the ten dollar bill?
    Problem solved!
    Put Andrew Gillum on the $10!

    Calling a black man a sawbuck may be problematic though… 🙁


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