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Brown University Honors a Cop Killer

Beginning at the age of 14 in 1968, Abu-Jamal became involved with the Black Panther Party and was a member until October 1970, leaving the party at age 16. After leaving, he completed his high school education, and later became a radio reporter. He eventually served as president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists (1978–1980). He supported the Philadelphia organization MOVE and covered the 1978 confrontation in which one police officer was killed. The MOVE Nine were the members who were arrested and convicted of murder in that case. – wiki

It wouldn’t be long until this “honoree” killed a cop in cold blood.


To cite examples of the rank leftism in our nation’s colleges and universities is to shoot fish in a barrel: There’s simply no sport in it.

But, still, some matters demand to be called out.

Such is the case with the Ivy League’s Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, which recently acquired “a trove of records, writings and artwork from Mumia Abu-Jamal, a political activist and journalist who spent decades on death row for the shooting death of a Philadelphia police officer in the 1980s.”

That police officer was Danny Faulkner, but we needn’t wonder whether even a single administrator at Brown has taken a knee and said his name.

“Political activist and journalist.” Those are odd terms the AP uses to describe a man who in 1981 walked up to a Philly cop and shot him in the back during a traffic stop, then shot him a few more times, then finally shot him point-blank between the eyes as he writhed on the ground. How about “murdering dog”? Or at least “cop killer”?

And “acquired” isn’t our word; it’s the word of the Associated Press.

A Brown spokesperson says the collection was acquired through a trust and that it includes more than 60 boxes of material that Abu-Jamal accumulated from 1981 to 2020. We prefer the word “purchased,” though, because it’s more honest than “acquired.” The price, of course, wasn’t disclosed — it’s “confidential,” says the university — because that would help drive home just how unseemly such a blood-money transaction is. But you can bet Brown paid a pretty penny to Abu-Jamal for these priceless possessions.


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  1. Are we supposed to be surprised by this? All Ivy League universities suck the dicks of The KKKlan with a Tan now.

  2. But did he at least injure any fbi? Just asking for a friend.

  3. Because he’s a cop killer.

    Welcome to the 21st Century.
    Enjoy the ride.

  4. and fetterman would release him if he could

  5. Any depth to the meaning of “Brown” University.

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