Bruno Ganz Was More Than The Hitler “Downfall” Actor


A lot of people probably don’t know it, but when the superb Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, who died Friday at 77, took on the role that brought him his greatest jolt of fame, playing Adolf Hitler in “Downfall,” it was one of the most paradoxical casting choices in modern movies.


Ganz, portraying Hitler in the final days of World War II, when the Führer was trapped in his bunker (and, more than that, in the implosion of his evil dreams), did an impersonation of Hitler at his most full-throttle fulminating. The performance was raging, antic, operatic, possessed; it was true homicidal acting. (That’s one reason why “Downfall” became the movie that launched a thousand Hitler Internet memes.)


One last salute from the Führer Here

10 Comments on Bruno Ganz Was More Than The Hitler “Downfall” Actor

  1. It’s a shame that the interweb Nazis and dipshits know nothing else of him.

    We truly live in a time of unlimited information and unlimited ignorance.

  2. I recommend “Downfall.” It goes a long way to showing how such a tyrant can come to power in a Western nation such as Germany. Hitler had a way of charming people and getting his way which allowed him to become the evil leader that he was.

    Ganz was very good at showing both sides of him.

    I am not suggesting in any way that Hitler had a good side. He was an evil man who knew how to charm people. Just as the devil does not steal people’s souls by telling them he will make their lives and their after-lives hell (who would submit if that were the case?), Hitler charmed his way into power while letting other people do his dirty work.

  3. I don’t have the time or energy to make a “Hitler Finds out Bruno Ganz Died” video.
    Imagine I did.
    Imagine the jokes.
    Tell me it was hilarious.
    We’ll call it a day.

  4. BFH – I just finished not watching the video that you didn’t make and I have to say I never laughed so hard. Well done!

  5. He was an evil man who knew how to charm people.

    We’ve had Presidents like that. They usually have a (D) after their name.


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