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Brutal and Well-Deserved

BRUTAL: GOP Reps Ask Trans Activist If Extremist Rhetoric Online Leads to Violence – Then Posts Up Several Violent Tweets from Same Radical Trans Activist.

GP: On Tuesday GOP Rep. Nancy Mace and Rep. Byron Donalds confronted radical trans activist Alejandra Caraballo during testimony in front of the Oversight Committee in Washington DC.

Democrats assembled a group of radical leftists to come in and discuss extremism and white supremacy in front of the House Oversight Committee.

During questioning Rep. Nancy Mace (R-VA) asked the far left panel if they believed extremist rhetoric leads to violence.  When all of the leftists agreed that words online lead to violence Rep. Mace then confronted trans activist Alejandra Caraballo with several of her tweets calling for violence against Supreme Court Justices. MORE

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  1. Ask Zoey Tur who grabbed Ben Shapiro by the back of the neck on TV.

    Nice & Stable for everyone to witness.

  2. Yes, it was well deserved. But what is the end result other than being 20 seconds of a re-election ad? These congressional dog and pony shows just don’t get anything done. Why was this even happening in the first place. Hell, the donkeys can face God, country, and the entire population, and lie their ass off and nothing ever happens. If we can’t find a way for there to be consequences for illegal behavior then we have lost the war.

  3. ^^^^^^^difficult to top that.

    It all comes down to one thing; Let’s see some demoncratic ASSHOLES in jail.

  4. Jamie Raskin trying to hide the look on his face is priceless in the video.

  5. It’s not nothing. Even if seemingly nothing concrete comes of it, at least someone thinks it’s important enough to confront these people with it. And that’s not nothing. One of the biggest and best known problems with conservatives — and one the Left counts on like a Swiss timepiece — is we are “too nice” to go there. Glad to see it.

  6. OT

    Never heard of this RHINO before but just spotted on the wild.
    Ann Wagner (R-MO) Finance Committe – wants a full budget passed now funding everything forever before R’s take over in Jan. Go figure that. Also, FTX not that big a deal. Mo impotent stuffs to worries about.

    Show Me a RINO
    Ann Wagner R-MO
    Box Wino

    OT Off

    Oh Also
    Lotta kryptogriftoclubo’s ares stopping withdrawels from Uncle $ams Banksturd Clubmembers. Oh noes.

  7. AA, we are “too nice”. Even that little sound bite was too nice. We need to take the gloves and get pissed off as hell! We have been too nice to our “friends across the aisle” for decades now and look where it has gotten us. We’ve allowed them to lie and humiliate us for far too long. The left knows we are like a puppy, just ready to roll over to get our belly scratched. Well I’ve had it. These congressional hearings need to turn into a street fight, not some scholarly attempt at wordsmithing gotcha’s.

  8. I don’t know anything about Nancy Mace, but watching the video of her at the hearing, I liked what I saw. But yeah, I agree Republicans need to wake up and realize this is war. I would like to hear from anyone from Virginia who knows more about her.

  9. @Tony R – she’s actually from SC, she is my rep and I’m now in Charleston. Glad to have her over Ted Lieu, my rep of many years! But I haven’t been there long enough to do much research on her.

  10. Mace’s office may exercise the Nuclear Option and issue a strongly worded letter.

  11. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

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