Bryan Cranston- Breaking Conformity

The Breaking Bad star was famously anti-Trump, saying he was moving to Canada if he won.

Well, he’s calmed down enough to start making as much sense as a lefty can. He’s saying “f*ck you” to anyone rooting for Trump to fail, just so they can “be right.”


‘He is the president. If he fails, the country is in jeopardy. It would be egotistical for anyone to say, “I hope he fails.” To that person I would say, “F**k you. Why would you want that? So you can be right?”’

Hollywood Reporter-

It’s just astonishing to me. President Trump is not the person who I wanted to be in that office, and I’ve been very open about that. That being said, he is the president. If he fails, the country is in jeopardy. It would be egotistical for anyone to say, “I hope he fails.” To that person I would say, fuck you. Why would you want that? So you can be right?

I don’t want him to fail. I want him to succeed. I do. I honestly do. … And if you’ve got a good idea that helps the country, oh man, I’m gonna support you. I don’t care if you’re a Republican and I’m a Democrat or whatever, I don’t care. A good idea’s a good idea. Let’s do that. We’ve got to get away from this idea that our country is political football, and someone with a different opinion is the enemy. Assume they love this country as much as you do, and there’s always room for improvement. How can we make it better?


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  1. This is known as the moderation one expresses when they have a new film opening and they’re seeing all of their Hollywood buddies get ripped new taints.

  2. “He’s saying “f*ck you”

    I didn’t know that there was anyone left in holly-wood who hasn’t been fucked.

  3. Don’t be fooled by this guy. He’s still a left-wing douchebag.

    He sees everyone around him in Hollyweird and the NFL slicing their own throats and is trying to stay under the radar.

  4. If you question where his loyalties lie, his last movie was Trumbo. About those poor blacklisted Hollywood screenwriters victimized by McCsrthyite redbaiting.

  5. He should get an Oscar for such great acting. Leftist are experts at deflection. Look to see his (gay, etc.?) skeletons rattle themselves out of his closet soon.

  6. Chief for the win. B.I.N.G.O.

    “That’s neat-o, sport. I’m still not watching your movie. Now, what do you think of me?”

  7. Who cares what actors “think” ?
    Moving to Canada: Big Deal and very original thought.
    Fuck you, Bryan, you can still exit asap. If you wanted Hillary, I want you out.

  8. This was obviously a dig at Rush Limbaugh and that is all. He doesn’t want Trump to succeed. He just wanted to say eff you to Rush and not mention him by name.

  9. @Shang October 31, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    > When has a democrat ever had a good idea?

    Plenty of times! Why just May (I think it was the 9th) of this year. September 9th, of last year. July 28th, 2014. January 7th, 2013. The list goes on. I know, it’s always the same good idea. But, still, it is a good one.

  10. Remember you have to play the game of being a liberal to work in Hollywood.
    So he may be a conservative republican, you never know.

  11. Umm. No.

    Lots of clickbaity, Twitchyesque sites are running with this like he’s bucking liberal Hollywood.

    That is not what he is and not what he is doing. Limbaugh said that he wanted Obama to fail in enacting his policies. Rush also said that Obama was successful in that regard. Cranston is turning his phrase the way liberals did after he said it.

    If the Pres fails, the country fails. Not Fish’s intention. The country did fail for 8 years because of Obama’s success in lawlessness and unconstitutionality.

    This is a shot at Rush and nothing more.

  12. Shang – if a Democrat Party asshole ever had an original idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill ’em dead.

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