Builder Wanted

Created by Mickey Moussaoui / courtesy of illustr8r

18 Comments on Builder Wanted

  1. The coups new Mantra is “Lower Your Expectations”. The retard continues to mock freedom. It was just discovered the White House wrote the letter to Garland demanding he classify concerned parents as domestic terrorists. And these people have three more years left. Are we having fun yet? I didn’t lower my expectations when Trump was President.

  2. That boat should be a submarine…
    With Jackass Joe wearing a tool belt as the official screen door repairman!

  3. Loco, the Magic Marxist Negro, Pen-carrying, Telephone-dialing, Cash-for-Clunkers, You Didn’t Build That, Choom Smoking, Communist Party Member Barack Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like an old-school, nuclear-trained naval officer President.


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