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Bullies Set Sights on Arkansas

The mindless haranguing of Indiana over the recent enactment of The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is about to be directed at Arkansas as Governor Asa Hutchinson (AR-R) has declared his intention to sign a similar law for his state.

First to whimper in fear of the anti-religious mob has been Walmart, who in their rush to appease the hordes of the self righteous has been all to quick to exclude the religious observant in their declaration of “inclusion.”


It’s one thing for leftist bullies to get Indiana to get Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence to call for the legislature to “clarify” the law, it’s an even higher level of successful intimidation if they can keep Arkansas from enacting the bill in the first place.

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  1. Mender, I think you had it right the first time. She is a group on her own… a group of nucking futs.

    May a herd of rabid razorbacks descend upon the insane ranting mob and render them asunder without mercy.

  2. It is amazing that the Leftists are fine with these laws – as long as they get to create a list of ‘victim’ classes. As they have been doing for the last 50 years, and oh those classes have done soooo well as a result.

  3. Note: Deal with no one, mistreating anyone gay, on any level…unless of course, it’s Iran.

    In which case, make sure to at least give away the farm…Inshallah.

  4. A simple question need only be asked : How many homosexuals have been discriminated against due to this law since it’s federal passing 22 years ago?

    It’s not discriminating against homosexuality, it’s forcing them to partake in the sacrament of marriage for which Christians believe is only between a man and a woman….PERIOD!!!!

  5. The left’s bigotry against Christians is blatant and seems to be growing daily. The same can be said about their hatred of individual rights and free enterprise.

  6. The bullies are actually buggers who practice buggery and all other forms of perversion and deviancy. What a great bunch of sickos they are! They are not gay (total misuse of a beautiful word) they are buggers!

  7. The agenda for the extremists in the LGBT community is to destroy the Catholic Church (first, then the rest will follow) so anytime laws are made that allow a religion or a person with deep religious beliefs to deny something to a gay it will be attacked, deliberately misinterpreted and inaccurately reported on by the MSM who are unwitting partners in the gay crusade. My biggest worry is that Obama will get to appoint two or even three more Justices to the SCOTUS and no religion will have any protection against these terrorists.

  8. I can’t Hutchinson too much for folding to the insanity of the grievance mob.

    The left is going to try to use this as a means to define the Republicans has having a War on Gay. That way they can alienate those lofos under 30 voters who have been trained to believe any denial of any demand by a homosexual is unfair.


    Unless the general public can be headed off in this stampede of the easily mislead, anyone opposing the mob is going to get run right over.

  9. So, the way to NOT be besmirched and lied about is to surrender to the fucking perverts?

    Is that the general take, here?

    Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson …

    Profiles in Courage?

  10. the other bob, I think you are correct. The funny thing is the Lezbo and Gay community will caught between the Muzzies and the Christians. And they’ve done their fair share to get the party started.

  11. Conservatives went the wrong way on this. They should have said:
    People have the freedom to be STUPID BIGOTS. If some jerk wants to start Joe’s Racist Dry Cleaners, let him. It’s called P R I V A T E Enterprise. PRIVATE. People should be free to be fools & idiots with their PRIVATE money.

    And in turn, we ALSO retain the freedom to boycott those same Businesses, make fun of them, and lovingly video tape their customers entering the shop and then posting it on You Tube.

    Republicans: GROW A SPINE. Freedom means freedom to be a jackass or moron — with your own private resources. If someone wants to pour $50,000 of their OWN money down the drain, starting Sally’s “I hate Jooooos” hair salon, that is freedom.

    We have the same freedom to poke fun at them, openly ridicule their choices, refuse to buy — and drive them out of business.

    If some nutty Leftist wants to hire ONLY vegans, only sell vegan products, and refuse to do business with anyone who has a house pet or house slave or whatever they call it, they are at LIBERTY to do that.


    I am not talking about the “public” sector or public services – we all pay taxes, and so we all can equally apply for a job at the Post Office. That’s open to anyone, without discrimination, since we all PAY for it.

    But Joe’s Gay’s Hot Dog stand? “I serve Gay customers only!” Sure, that’s freedom. Go for it!

  12. It’s always ok to discriminate against Christians.

    I expect Hutchinson will do the right thing or he can forget any hopes of a second term as governor.
    Arkansas is still a redneck-run state and there is no use for a faggot on a farm.

  13. I’ve heard some of RL’s commentary on this issue. Conservatives cannot answer this question in any way and win the argument. The only way they can not lose when asked this question is to not answer it.

    Of course the answer is the fact that the religious freedom act is at the federal level and has been so for years, and that other states including Illinois have identical laws in place. The truth is the law protects people from being forced to violate their religious beliefs, it doesn’t protect people’s rights to discriminate.

    Unfortunately, to the loony left, the act of having religious beliefs is discriminatory to them. They feel so guilty and condemned subcionsciously because of what they do and how they live, deep down on the inside, that they just want everything that reminds them of God and simple righteous innocence to be banished from their sight so they can continue on the path of destruction without any distraction.

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