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Bum Fight

The Democrats held a debate last night, and boy was it a doozy. Hillary went to the gender card early while Bernie tried to out-Prog her.


On foreign policy, Bernie hasn’t a clue and Hillary’s deadly failure and security nightmare is her albatross.

A couple of real “winners” you got there Democrats.


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  1. She’s innocent because, ‘everyone else also did it.’


  2. It seemed like a poor rendition of a Laurel And Hardy set.

  3. Did she talk about taking the 3 a.m. phone call, the one where she’s laughing at the ambassador for wanting increased security in Benghazi? I’m guessing she didn’t.

    BTW: Everyone better start taking that “clown”, sanders, seriously — at least find an opportunity to talk to any young voters you know. This is how we got obama.

  4. Mr. Bernie before we start our little chit chat I want you to notice that I have Boobs! O.k now we can start our tit a tat you dirty misogynist!

  5. Two blind morons fighting in the dark.

    The fact that both of these two are taken seriously is a sad indictment of this country’s electorate.

    The Republic may be even more dead than I suppose …
    past Rigor Mortis dead … rotten dead …

  6. I never ever did figure out who got the Tonka truck in the sandbox…

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