‘Bump stock’ ban on hold in Columbus, Ohio


An Ohio judge this week extended a temporary restraining order blocking Columbus’ enforcement of a new ban on “bump stock” devices amid a national debate over whether localities — and even the federal government — can legally ban them.

Franklin County Judge David E. Cain determined that gun owners who challenged the rules, approved by the city in May, would suffer if the order takes effect while he is deciding the bigger legal issues.

Gun rights groups are hoping that signals Judge Cain will side with them in his eventual ruling.

“We feel very optimistic about it,” said Chuck LaRosa, a director with Ohioans for Concealed Carry, one of the groups mounting the challenge. “The spirit of the law is very plain that all gun laws are supposed to be at the state level or higher.”

Ohio law generally allows people to carry guns and ammunition if they aren’t barred by state or federal law.  more here

4 Comments on ‘Bump stock’ ban on hold in Columbus, Ohio

  1. ANY GUN LAW IS AN INFRINGEMENT. The Cali President of GOAC, ((Gun Owners Of California), the state contingent of GOA (Gun Owners of America) lives close by and occasionally stops by the local gun shops. He’s telling us with with the new SCOTUS appointment, Katy Bar the Door. The law suites will be filed.
    Dang I hope so.

  2. I approve of one gun law. That new firearms have to have a proof load fired before it leaves the factory.

    Yep, I think that’s the only one.


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