Bunny Ebola

Business Insider

Experts warned that a virus with a 90% death rate is currently spreading across southwestern areas in the U.S. Reports indicated that the outbreak has already killed thousands of wild and domestic rabbits in the country.

The highly contagious pathogen is caused by the rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV2). As its name suggests, the virus mainly infects wild and domestic rabbits. Due to its nature, experts refer to it as the “bunny ebola.”

Although RHDV2 is not related to the Ebola virus, the disease affects the bodies of rabbits in a similar way. According to veterinarians, RHDV2 triggers lesions to form in the organs and tissues of rabbits, which leads to internal bleeding, organ failure and death. After an animal has died due to RHDV2, a bloody discharge will leak from its nose, Business Insider reported. More

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  1. Absolute horse shit. Give it up Democunts, it won’t work again.
    Tell Soros you wasted his money.

  2. 10% of the bunnies survive. Just breed the surviviors until their offspring are widespread and population will be stable again. The same situation happened with the bees. The weak hives died from the pests and disease, leaving hives that could survive the changes. These surviviors were bred and the bees have rebounded.
    The main thing is not to put a bureaucrat in charge. They don’t solve problems, they just go through the motions, demanding more money, for a problem which they have no incentive to solve.

  3. @Gladys – “…What happened to the murder hornets? Did they just give up?”

    LOL! A manufactured crises only has so long of a half-life and then it burns out. The 24 hour news cycle can only keep certain crises alive for so long. They have to pick and choose which ones they want to keep alive.

    And in today’s environment the ones they choose to keep alive, have to have maximum impact on removing Trump from office.

  4. Also – which “experts.” We want names and credentials of these so-called experts who all of a sudden know everything about dead bunnies. We want to see the scientific evidence.

  5. “As its name suggests, the virus mainly infects wild and domestic rabbits.”

    “Mainly” infects? What other kind of rabbits are there besides wild and domestic?

  6. This is total BS, I live in the southwest part of the United States, in the middle of the city, and we have lots of bunnies hanging out in the front and backyard.

    Matter of fact, they hang out when I throw seed for the Quail, and they love flour tortillas.

    Couple year’s back had one with a bum leg, named him Chester Good, he hung around for quite awhile, unfortunately he went missing. Miss the little guy. 😢

  7. Latest panicdemic that literally goes down the rabbit hole. No species is safe from the left’s anti-life agenda. Guess there’s not enough fake science to target cats and dogs for extermination so Fauxci clones decide to pick on rabbits? Rabbits wearing masks surely will stop the spread of the “virus”. Right? -sarc

  8. They need a new “one size fits all” patroopers virus* to keep us locked down and inproductive.
    * airborne

  9. @99th Squad Leader–

    They’ll call them “bunny bandanas”; advertisers will be hopping to get them online ASAP.

  10. We just need one “expert” to report that it has jumped to humans. Welcome the new pandemic.

  11. LOL! Ann Nonymous Prime. Will bunnies not wearing masks be allowed in their local cabbage patches. No mask, no service.

  12. @Uncle Al–


    Didn’t even need to go haring off into extensive research for that one.

  13. I believe most of the rabbits in Nevada are in MY backyard. Our rabbits like tortillas too, as well as cheetos and cookies. Of course, they have to compete with Chip and Dale, who look in the sliding glass doors to let me know when the water bowl is empty. None of this was planned…

  14. @Uncle Al–

    I’ve known all about iOTW bucks—and their perceptually hyperinflated value—for years.

    Still, nice to win anything.

  15. Miss Kitty – every animal/pet in and around the house named after a character from Gunsmoke? haha.

  16. Chuckie
    Only two, name’s are mostly chosen by characteristics or personalities.
    Almost all of the critters I’ve owned were orphan’s, half-breeds or mutt’s, they make the best pet’s. 🐕 🐈

  17. “I’ve known all about iOTW bucks—and their perceptually hyperinflated value—for years.”

    You forgot they’re also invisible.

  18. The only pandemic that’s real and endures is the abomination of abortion, it’s quite the sacrament for the thanatophiles of the left.


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