Burberry should have said it was tribute to Smollett

10 Comments on Burberry should have said it was tribute to Smollett

  1. Burberry should apologize for the shitty design, never mind the ‘noose.’ What a bunch of BS. Never apologize.

  2. It seems that most queer fashion designers hate women judging by what they hang from their bodies.

    Who buys this crap? Never mind, I forgot about the Halloween costumes Mooshell wears.

  3. Let the Leftists stay outraged over ridiculous things and get as much MSM publicity as possible for it.

    It helps the conservative cause, helped Trump get elected, and will help him get reelected.

  4. Apologies are not enough.
    We need diversity in the boardrooms.

    In other words, give us free money. Donate to black only causes. Hire blacks regardless of qualifications or experience. If you don’t we will cry and whine and throw tantrums about everything.

    Funny too the model wore the crap and then complained. So she took the money first instead of taking a real stand.

  5. Whatever. I’ve seen handcuffs as bracelets and earrings, too. What’s offensive is that little white purse that dude was carrying.


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