Burger King’s Unbearably Woke Commercial

There is something seriously wrong with Burger King.
And for the future restaurant entrepreneurs out there; Don’t mention feces, urine or saliva in any of your advertising. Not a good look.

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  1. Burger King gives me gas.

    (In all honesty, I haven’t eaten there since the 90’s – but I’m still suffering!)

  2. It’s been years since I ate at a Burger King and that trend will continue. Hey morons, cow farts doesn’t cause globull warming. Maybe we should all eat Goya beans and fart in their general direction. And I didn’t think they could say fart on regular TV.

  3. More cows turned into Whoppers means that those cows don’t fart anymore….I think they’re onto something….idiot’s….

  4. Reminds me of their, “PROUD,” burger. 🙄

    Just DON’T ask what’s in the, “special,” sauce… 😮🤢🤮

  5. I have not had ANY hamburger that I have not cooked on My BBQ since March so its no skin off my potato.

    I have saved a fortune by not eating out since the Scamdemic mostly because it is so fucking irritating being in public with these Turdo sucking fascists.

    These people should be screaming in the streets that they want to work, but they are not. Therefore, they do not need my patronage and I will help them starve the way they want to.

    I have been very busy at work and some of the $$$$ I am saving is now going to some really great Scotches and Kentucky Straight.

  6. Excuse me a moment.

    (Footsteps heard running off followed by the sound of a door opening In the distance. Next you hear a voice yelling obvious but indecipherable obscenities followed by the door closing and footsteps slowly getting closer.)

    OK. I feel better now. Where were we?

  7. Maybe someone should organize a Burger King fart a thon, load up at Taco Hell and other Mexican fast food joints and drive to the nearest BK and let er rip. And bring the dogs as well, their farts are far more deadly than cow farts ever will be.

  8. Burger King’s key demographics are the burger kings and queens of the ghetto. If that kid sang that song in the ghetto dressed like that he’d be sucker punched.

  9. If you recall, Barf King was caught using horsemeat in their burgers about 10-12 years ago. I Can’t even dtrive by without my stomach turning over.

  10. The ones around here are filthy compared to McDonalds or Wendys. Not just my opinion, the people who inspect them.

    I rarely go into one after twenty-five years ago I had a Free Whopper coupon that they gave our group won a promo contest at hockey a game then refused to honor them a week later after one of THEIR EMPLOYEE MANAGERS quit and stole some of them. Ours were even stamped on the back by the hockey team and were 100% legit.

    I shit you not, that was the excuse they gave us.

    So filthy they were ordered to tear the building down on 6th Ave in Tacoma after it closed up because of no business.

  11. If you let someone else cook for you MOST especially a fast food restaurant, you deserve the agonies you’ll suffer.

    If you think for 1 second that Burger King gives flying fuck about what you’re about to put into the temple of your body you might as well just FOAD right now.

    Relating cow farts to the goodness of their burgers is pretzel logic I can’t begin to grock.

  12. Probably should have stopped at “Mouth-watering”, a phrase that always seemed to me a bit TMI at that.

  13. Say. Whatever happened to the nightmare inducing commercials with the King mask? Mask pre COVID 1984. They were way ahead of their time.

  14. Well…..At least there was no rapping.

    And we should be glad they’re squelching cowfarts, SINCE EVERYBODY IS IDLING AT THE GODDAM DRIVE-THRU BECAUSE OF THE COVID.

  15. So they want to cause cows to suffer before they eat them? You know what happens to cows that don’t fart, they bloat, if they bloat bad enough, the cow dies and then is just a waste of meat.
    I’ve never liked Burger King, so I’ve only been there maybe 5 times in my entire life and only twice did I actually eat anything and that was their chicken and neither time was even it edible.
    However, with their plant burger and this bullshit, why don’t they just go fast food vegan? I don’t even know how they keep the one nearest me open, since they came out with their plant burger they never have more than one or two cars in their drive-thru and that’s even at lunch time, when every other fast food joint and restaurant are packed.

  16. The children are running the company. Same with Gilette and their ‘woke’ shit.

    Funny though, about Gilette: I was so pissed at their ad, I switch to Schick razors and Barbasol shave cream and realized how overpriced and underwhelming Gilette products were all these years.

    Schick’s razors are excellent, last longer and are cheaper. Barbasol shave cream kicks ass over Gilette’s goop, and it’s half the price!

  17. Not only that, but Burger King changed its name to Burger Queer in their Mexican restaurants for the entire month of June.

    Being woke, they must have more foul schemes in development in order to market to sick minds.

  18. I make it into a BK about once a year. That ends now too. If I ever go in again, it will be to publicly pass gas.

  19. flip, that would actually be funny. We need a protest BK day and everyone show up and fart or use a whoopie cushion. I’ll bring my dog, he can let out some farts that will make your eyes burn.

  20. Intellegence + education + Leftist idology – common sense = A television commercial this incredibly dumb.

    Liberalism: When thinking things through is not an option.

  21. Pretend you are a business. Some simple questions and answers:

    1. Q: Your goal is what? A: PROFIT.
    2. Q: Your business model does not require? A: POLITICAL ACTIVISM.
    3. Q: Why in the Hell are you insulting at least half of your customer base? A: YOUR COMPANY IS FULL OF LEFTISTS AND DESERVES TO GO BROKE (I can help with that. I boycott a bunch of companies.)

  22. Hollywood needs to get back to undermining the country with hidden communist overtones, sexual exploitation and gratuitous violence.

    This is just embarrassing.

  23. So much wrong, on that commercial.., I mean, there’s Woke, and there’s Broke.., Have it your way..BK.., I do my best, to help eliminate cows by turning them into ribeyes, T-Bones, and ground round.. Who needs a Whopper and a super sized load of Greta guilt rubbed into your face. I didn’t climb to the top of the Food Chain, just to eat carrots.. Haven’t been in decades, and zero fks for going now.. btw, Hollyweird approves of this commercial and the kids..


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