Burgess Owens: ‘Gun control is racist’ – IOTW Report

Burgess Owens: ‘Gun control is racist’

Watch Burgess Owens’ blistering floor speech… ‘Gun control is racist’…“

As bullies and cowards approached his house, they heard the click of rifles and left as fast as they came… My grandfather’s right to own a firearm ensured his right to protect his life.”

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  1. They would have left faster if they heard BANG BANG and the sound of bullets ricocheting through the trees above their heads.

  2. that was a good speech but it would have been better if he’d taken off the pelosi required silencer.

  3. Of course it is racist, that’s why the Democrats are for it, they still haven’t gotten over having to free their slaves.

  4. Sojourner Truth agrees btw…and she was here long before Mr Owens…

    …Mary Hatchs’ old boss was Owens’ neighbor in Jerzee…and she met him…thirty five years ago!

  5. Racking a pump shotgun sounds carry much farther at night. Nobody will stick around to see if the weapon is loaded or if it ain’t! A friend told me.

  6. I love this guy!

    Not everyone in the NFL is a Felon or Jackass

  7. My CCW expires in 4 days. State of IL won’t renew it because of the coof, it’s “delayed.” It’s still the excuse for everything.

    What do you think will happen 5 days from now when I get busted carrying while white and male?

    No thanks. I’m leaving this state next year. Can’t friggin wait.

  8. ECP – they won’t allow you to do it by mail? I live in Florida and mine expired this month, I was able to take my own picture, a pic of my driver’s license and finished it all online. Came in the mail less than two weeks time. Check the back of your notice, possibly it’s there. Then again, Illinois…yeah.

  9. He makes a good point about racist anti-gun laws. So Nancy will introduce legislation to only confiscate the guns of white people. Republicans in congress will agree, but only if it is phased-in over 5 years.

  10. Good man. Legal gun ownership for all Americans, including black Americans is the goal.
    However, convincing the leftist congressional “leadership” to abandon their agenda to disarm American citizens so they are vulnerable to abuses/persecution by the now communist run U.S. federal government is futile.

  11. @Chuckie, it’s by mail, but that’s all delayed as well as re-education classes. 6 hours of instruction is required for renewal. And it all costs money. You can’t take the re-education class until 90 days before expiration. Every place that teaches was booked until June. Then that falls into the category of “you didn’t do it on time” so it’ll probably end up being a waste of time and I’ll have to re-take the full 16 hour class and start over from the beginning. And spend more money. I refuse to give this godforsaken state a dime more.

  12. From the page at this link.

    Clayton E. Cramer argues that the historical record provides compelling evidence that racism underlies gun control laws and that throughout much of American history, gun control was openly stated as a method for keeping blacks and Hispanics “in their place.”


    Now they want to keep EVERYONE “in their place”.

    Gun control is evil.

  13. ECP – Damn, didn’t know it was that tough. I dislike a lot of things about Florida, but at least it is fairly easy to renew fishing/hunting licenses, CCW’s, driver’s licenses, etc. Sorry, man.

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