Buried at the End of Jim Jordan “Sex Abuse Coverup” Article is the Name of the Representing Law Firm For Plaintiff

JC sent in this article about the alleged sexual abuse coverup by Jim Jordan.

Then we learn the name of the law firm for the plaintiff – Perkins Coie.

From Wiki-

Perkins Coie is counsel of record for the Democratic National CommitteeDemocratic Leadership Council, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Other political clients include nearly all Democratic members of the United States Congress. It has also represented several presidential campaigns, including those of John Kerry,[2] Barack Obama,[3] and Hillary Clinton.[2] The group’s Political Law practice was for many years headed by Robert Bauer and is now chaired by Marc Elias.[4]



16 Comments on Buried at the End of Jim Jordan “Sex Abuse Coverup” Article is the Name of the Representing Law Firm For Plaintiff

  1. Jim Jordan is not the fainting type, like many republicans who cower at the first hint of trouble. He’ll rip these dbags a new one. These bullshit tactics by democrat operatives are just that. Bullshit.

    Go get’m Jim!

  2. The Democrats make unfounded allegations, the media sycophants follow the provided narrative. The masters of fake news panels discuss it and are appalled.

    The last thing progressives want is a strong principled, conservative, Republican in a leadership position (not that there has ever been one).

  3. too bad stormy daniels didn’t hire the pee pee law firm, maybe she would have gotten farther with her lawsuit.

    democrats have no shame what so ever.

    MAGA !

  4. Huh. Whoda expected that.

    But yet again, another example of the Left not believing anything they say. They only have problems with sexual abuse and perversion when it’s a political enemy accused of it.

    At some point the sane part of the American citizenry is going to have to decide to STOP LISTENING TO THE MEDIA ABOUT ANYTHING, and starve them into financial death.

  5. So the shitbag wrestlers from O-ho-ho State lawyered up with the shitbag law firm of the Dummycrats. Gee, who didn’t figure this was going to be the case? You could easily smell it on the moon! :^#

  6. I don’t want to make light of real abuse, but come on. These weren’t 80 pound 13 year old girl gymnasts. These were 🤼‍♀️ wrestlers. “College age” — aka men— not children. I agree with Bad Brad and MJA. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

    …and the guy who did the abusing is dead. How convenient.

  7. Perkins-Coie seems to have a lock on all the sleazy business in DC. I predict they will come to regret it.

  8. I just watched Jim Jordon on with Bret Baier. Perkins Cole and CNN are the only sharks in the water right now but they are coning from all over, mark my words. I am just too pissed to comment right now, but I’ll pray for Jim Jordon, and pray that Republicans have the balls to put their foot down against this type of obvious political slander. Even if it comes to blows in the House and Senate. Time for a real dust up. It’s time to fight. Jim Jordon does not deserve this type of diabolical treatment.
    I don’t know the man, other than he is a man, and I’ve seen him in action, as we all have. He has a big target on his back. The liberals hate him, just as they do Trump, just for being men. MAGA
    God Love him.

  9. Some people are attacking Jim Jordan because he is about to expose the truth about DOJ-FBI coverup.
    Supporters of Jim Jordan and President Trump must stop these liars. All Political for Trump Haters.


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