Burn Down the DOJ and Start Over

Kurt schlichter / Townhall:

I want you to tell me, without bursting into laughter, that I am still supposed to respect our federal law enforcement institutions. I keep hearing about these wonderful keepers of norms and rules and stuff deserve our awe, and then I see the tawdry, self-serving and scummy way they operate, and gee – there’s a disconnect. A big one. If the price of our society is submitting to these corrupt and incompetent people of garbage, well, then I say burn it all down.

That’s the only way to save it: to level it and start over.

Let’s review how our guardians of justice have covered themselves in glory in recent days. And by “glory,” I mean “Scat Francisco sidewalk sauce.”

The scumbag Democrat donors remaining in the Mueller lynch mob decided that Roger Stone, an absolutely harmless gadfly whose real crime was being aligned with Donald Trump and therefore with you, should be sent away for seven to nine years for “crimes” that the Department of Injustice promptly gave a pass on to the loathsome Andrew McCabe. This is the same institution that also gave a pass to Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit, Comey the Looming Doofus, and those fugly FBI sexting twins.

You would not get a pass. 

Then, if possible, it got worse as the garbage Stone conviction was revealed to have been obtained with an anti-Trump Democrat activist as the jury foreperson. Think about that – an active partisan on the jury. The judge – wanna guess who appointed her? – refused to dump this partisan off the jury because of course, a Democrat candidate for office could be neutral and how dare you question the integrity of the system harrumph harrumph harrumph.

Please tell me more about rules and norms.

h/t Forcibly Deranged.

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  1. Tired of hearing, “Rank and File agents are upset by the political class agents in D.C.”

    To me, they are all equally corrupt. A culture of injustuce isn’t “kinda” corrupt, its totally corrupt.

    Crap agent are crap. Good agents that enable and cover for crap agents, are ALSO crap.

  2. The Big Lie from the Lunatic Left, making the circuit these days, is that the DoJ — a DEPARTMENT of the Executive branch of the federal gov’t — is an equal and separate branch of the Executive and must be considered hands off! by the presidential administration. Now that POTUS Trump has been cleared of any wrong-doing vis the outrageous Mueller and impeachment coup attempts, it is time and past time for POTUS Trump to take a personal interest in overseeing that department for which he is responsible. Protecting the People (legal citizens) inside our borders is just as important as protecting our borders. But when the People are no longer guaranteed equal rights and protection under the law — and we are not — the president must take action if those appointed under him are not doing their jobs and fulfilling their oath of office.

    We are at a crisis point regarding the DoJ and national law enforcement, from the AG down to the beat cop. For example: Antifa, the fascists masquerading as anti-fascists exist in well-known organized groups whose primary goal is to overthrow the constitution and to wage a physical war on those who oppose them. The DoJ has turned a blind eye to this group and police across the country refuse to arrest them for anything but the most egregious crimes, only to have the Democrat-run courts dismiss their crimes. People have been harmed and cities like Portland, Oregon have become completely lawless. Their citizens are not safe. In the same way, citizens of San Francisco and Seattle are not safe from the health hazards caused by their cities’ governments protecting “homeless” so-called “rights” to use the city streets and parks as places to shoot up drugs and as a toilet. The people of Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, L.A., and every other Democrat-run, large town and city are no longer safe from the activities of drug crime and gang wars (an innocent bystander, a woman in her 50s was recently shot and killed in downtown Seattle because she was in a crowd of people near a bus stand where gang members decided to duke it out with firearms). It doesn’t take “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” anymore. Democrats have turned every place into the “wrong place”. The randomness of violent crime is no longer random in most of our cities. But instead of enforcing the law, Democrat mayors and city governments use exploit these crimes as reasons to strip law abiders of their constitutional rights and to strong arm the federal government for more money to rehabilitate criminals.

    It’s another early morning and I could write another 5000 words about this, but I’ll give you all a break and go back to bed.

    Trump must take the DoJ back and tell Barr to put up, shut up, or get the hell out. My hope is that he puts Mick Mulvaney in charge of Operation Clean Sweep at the DoJ.

  3. Sydney Powell reiterated (Lou Dobbs, 2/17/20) that over 90% of the DoJ gave money and/or voted for Clinton in the last election. The DoJ is at least as partisan as the rest of the federal government.

  4. Burn it all down and start over.
    Not the first time I’ve heard that, but for the first time I’m beginning to believe it’s the only way!

  5. Mr. President, Barr was given a chance to do the right thing and he opted to remain inert. Release the documents and let the chips fall where they may!

  6. @ Mithrandir FEBRUARY 18, 2020 AT 5:16 AM

    Sadly true. It appears that the whole agency is infected. Maybe some who are not, but the culture is obviously reprobate.

    Same with the Jesuits. I don’t think there is much worth saving. There are individuals who are not infected, but they are in the minority and by a wide margin.

  7. I have my doubts/zero faith that Washington will or can fix its self without an uprising from We The People.

  8. Kurt, Kurt, Kurt… (smh)

    You seem like a smaht boy. You, obviously, see yourself as a smaht boy. So, do the math. (sigh) And then?

    Now Kurt, remember, you can pretend your smaht, or you can be a treasonous commie. Nazi? Deplorable? AntiFa? Somebody hep a brudda out, heah. What are plantation patriots calling “those people”, this [the current week]?

  9. @ gin blossom February 18, 2020 at 7:32 am

    > Release the documents and let the chips fall where they may!

    The proof has been released. “No reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against the Clintons. Andrew McCacbe did nothing wrong. The made xen are made.

  10. Hannity and others pander and say only a few at the top are crooks. Well, honest people don’t work for crooks. And honest people don’t hire crooks. The FUSA stinks like a third world dictatorship now. You beg to differ? Want to defend civil asset forfiture when nobody was convicted of a crime?

  11. Change the name to “Ministry of Love” and give em kool hats.

    Then we can forget all the treason and get back to … uhh … treason …

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. @Anonymous February 18, 2020 at 8:48 am

    > Want to defend civil asset forfiture when nobody was convicted of a crime?

    Yes! Yes, I do.

    Nobody needs to be convicted of a crime. “Your” stuff is taken without charging you with a crime. Therefore, you don’t need to be convicted, of anything.


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