Burn the Idiot Down

Louis Head, the stepfather to Michael Brown, is reportedly being investigated for inciting riots for statements made November 24 upon news that the grand jury did not recommend charges against Darren Wilson for the justified shooting of Mr. Brown.




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  1. Leslie McSpadden is MB’s mother. She never married his father. MB did not live with her and her man. They didn’t want him.

    MB lived with his grandmother….who was beat up by thugs sent by MB’s mother for the money from t-shirt sales.

    MB never had a loving family….his mother only became interested when he was dead…and money was there.

    She’s a worthless POS

  2. So lemme get this straight…the fact that the D.A. went the extra mile to convene a Grand Jury and then follows its findings is “injustice”, but charging someone who clearly incited a major riot is also “injustice”.

    Did it ever occur to anyone else that a very, very large portion of black folks simply don’t have the mental horsepower to keep up with our system, here?

    Honestly, it isn’t all that complicated, but tell me that they aren’t seriously befuddled with what it takes to succeed in life.

    At what point do the rest of us concede defeat in our efforts to help them? Because 50 + years of set asides and bussing and Affirmative Action and dumbed-down standards, not to mention trillions of dollars spent, is starting to feel like we’ve done enough, at least to this writer.

  3. LBS – we need a poster – Tshirt with that on it.

    MJA – they’re all ‘cousins’. I served on a jury, and the black girls were talking ‘hood so bad, that I had to translate to the other jury members during our deliberations. The kids kept saying ‘Auntie’ this and ‘Auntie’ that. I wasn’t sure they knew who is their Mother.

  4. Now we know who clerk at welfare office was taking to when she axed if pregnit lady knew who was baby daddy. Welfare recipient said she couldn’t say fo’ sho.’ “Dat was like eating a can of beans then trying to figure out which bean made her fart.”

  5. He was pretendin to be upset cuz da bitch he parks his penix in was pretendin to be upset and he had to pretend that he gave a rat’s ass about the Gentle Giant thug who threatened to pull his lungs out through his asshole if he din’t pretend good fo his mama.

    So, is not his fault.

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