Bus Driver Separates the Boys from the Girls, Which Used To Be Easy To Do Before the Anti-Science Left Stepped In

The bus driver said the boys would sit on the the right side of the bus, and the girls on the left.When he turned around there were two girls sitting with the boys, both of them claiming they were boys.

The bus driver said he wasn’t going to move until his rules were complied with.

The snowflakes on the bus immediately texted school administrators who have a hotline set up in case one of the snowflakes begin to melt.

When the driver ordered the two off the bus, even as one of the more vocal advocates for “gender fluidity” stepped in to intervene, the coddled and confused were met by administrators.

They are, of course, siding with the students, calling the driver, in effect, a Neanderthal who needs educating.

The closing statement from the article floored me-

After the video was shared online, a number of people expressed dismay that the incident forced the students’ parents to be called, potentially outing the students at home as transgender before they were ready.

Oh, they can run around in public making a dramatic scene, but they aren’t “out” at home? Why?

So much for the compelling argument that these mentally ill freaks aren’t faking it, are who they are, and are very obviously in the “wrong body” for a very long time.

Wouldn’t the parents be the first ones to know?

This is all just trendy bullshizzle and the left is going along with it because it erodes what was comfortable for the vast majority of the public.

They exist to be a$$holes.

Video here.

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26 Comments on Bus Driver Separates the Boys from the Girls, Which Used To Be Easy To Do Before the Anti-Science Left Stepped In

  1. Close the public schools, sell the damned buses and REFUND OUR PROPERTY TAXES.
    These “schools” endeavored to damage our children and we will not permit them near our grandchildren; We’ll better teach them by ourselves.

  2. According to the left, isn’t this just a battle of subjective views of the world? Subjectively, these girls see themselves as “boys.” Subjectively (and objectively) the bus driver sees the girls as girls. Why does their subjective view over-rule his subjective view, particularly in light of the fact that he’s the adult in the situation?

  3. We used to have boys and girls sides of the playground back in elementary school in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I still remember that, maybe when I was a little kid I didn’t think it was a big deal. Who knows, that was almost 60 years ago, gadzooks I’m turning into a geezer and an old fart, a grouch, a curmudgeon and loving every bit of it. Old guys and gals rule, take that you snotty nosed snowflakes.

  4. What a load of crap most schools must be to be fighting battles lie this one. We’ve come a long way from when the fagots on the ships I was on in the Navy lived in fear of taking a dive off the ship’s fantail.

    It also goes to the answer of who is enabling this “gender fluidity.”

    ALL HAIL the teachers (unions!).

  5. I think if the driver is Muslim, the left would be ok if he wanted to rape the girls for allah. But then if he ripped their clothes off and found out they were REALLY boys who just dress as girls because they saw it on CNN, then he might get even more excited and behead one and rape the other anally, leading to praise and sympathy from the schoolboard for his “struggle”. It isnt easy to keep all this lefty thinking straight until you go full kookoos nest.

  6. “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” – Joseph Stalin

  7. If it was here in Tallahassee, there would have to be a middle isle for the “them” (plural pronoun for a singular non specific gender person).

  8. Not boys and girls. They were high-school shitbags. Kickem off the bus. Let them explain why they missed school to the non caring parents.

  9. But then if you make the he-she’s sit in the aisle, there’s going to be trouble with that too….
    Stalin’s been right about more things than obama’s ever been…


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