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Butt-Hurt Losers Demand Recount / It’s a scam

Smashing up cities & sending death threats to electors didn’t work….now this.


Jill Stein raised over $2.5 million dollars to launch a recount in three states, hoping to steal the election from Donald Trump and hand it to Hillary Clinton. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

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  1. Yeah, but this time they are just wasting lib money, not ours. Sweet, and the fresh tears are just a bonus. Stein ought to be pretty comfortable when this all settles out.

  2. Hope Stein keeps it up. The more money she swindles out of lofo loons, the less money the whining, air headed loons have to put into liberal causes. And Stein? Ya think she’s gonna share her ill gotten gains? Me neither. Jill’s gonna set up a Foundation and live happily ever. Hey dems, is this inspiring or what? Get with it! If they can’t lock up the Clintons they can’t lock you up. Go Jill!

  3. You can’t right this off as a scam. She’s petitioned the court in Wisconsin. The most expensive state to do so in. Michigans dead line is Monday and she has the money to do it. This a PLOT not a scam.

  4. I have said all along, contrary to some here, that this is real, no scam. Has anyone in the Trump domain even acknowledge this yet? Trump needs and must have legal officers there to somehow keep it as honest as one can with the Clinton snakepit.

  5. Even if they flipped Wiscocin & Michigan Trump still wins. You have to have evidence of fraud for PA to recount. A scam to raise cash for campaign debtts.

    Nothing will come of it.

  6. She needs more than 27K votes to overturn WI results. Ain’t gonna happen. Probably will turn up more Trump votes as the absentee and early vote totals were huge this time. much of the automated voting was paper ballots tallied by optical scanners. Not much fault with those.
    What they really intend is to delay the certification beyond 12/13. As if that would help her hineyness Clintomb.

  7. The big question for the greeny is what happens to the funds that are not actually used for this recount. Do friends and relatives hop on the band wagon?

  8. I read that most of the money raised came from an automated deposit that ran once a hour for exactly $160K each time. If that’s the case then I would tend to agree with Bad_Brad that this is less of a scan then a plot. Regardless, Trump needs to ensure there are boots on the ground in all three states immediately looking at the security of the ballots between the election and now and whether there existed an opportunity for tampering. Assuming that Trump is certified then on January 21st all bets are off with Clinton and Justice should be free to pursue investigations of her activities as well as the Foundation. In addition the entire election needs to be reviewed for any evidence of fraud or wrongdoing as well as making recommendations into the voting process itself to make it less vulnerable. No slaps on the wrist for anyone caught (from any party or political viewpoint) they do hard prison time.

  9. So we will get to see their heads explode twice. Ok.

    I understand they’ve already bribed a few electorates and got them to agree to vote contrary to the voters. Still won’t be enough, but it is proof that the bastards are trying every trick in the book.

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