Butticheek — No Vaccine Mandate for domestic flights

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  1. for those that don’t want to watch i transcribed it

    ———begin transcript———–

    ButtBoy: Everyone loves the vaxx, 99% compliance and no travel impact.

    ChuckU todd: I love the vaxx, why not make it mandatory to live in your country?

    Butthole: Air travel is the safest its ever been

    ChuckU: Shit takes time to come out of my ass so how does the bill just passed unclog the supply chain?

    Butthead: popup container yards, chuckU, things pop up like my boyfriend acting like a turkey popup probe, when it pops it’s done.

    chuckU: build back is better

    headbutt: Free childcare so women can work, chucky, it’s all helpful

    Uchuck: your name is everywhere

    Buttrammer: kamala is disciplined, there’s focus like a laser like when I look at men.

    chuckU: Kyle Rittenhouse?

    Mad magazine: so painful, chuckU, I’m aroused at being upset and believe in America.

    CU: thanks for being a secretary

    ——-end transcript——–

  2. I don’t trust fags in government.
    Barny Frank – fag – orchestrated the housing crisis / bank collapse.
    Barry Obama – fag – forced obamacare, crushed health care, crap economy, failed Iran relations, failed foreign relations, ISIS.
    Rahm Emanuel – fag. “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Lying POS.

  3. Yeah well there was never going to be a vaccine mandate so just fast forward 6 months and see what they are doing and you may find your vax passport necessary for travel. Hell they are already saying you can’t truck into the US from outside without a vax starting in Jan why would this be different?!

  4. The discussions among the pipeline workers are moving from ethical to legal questions. If we get fired, and have some notice (2-3 hours) we just shut in the pipes so they don’t get out of control.

    That means its just employee malfeasance. No big deal. We get fired anyway. No big whoop, we refused the jab so we were going to be fired anyway.

    If we get fired with no notice, ‘escorted to the door’ (yeah, like we work in offices) and then shut the pipe down out of an actual ethical mandate to cause no harm, we’re domestic terrorists.

    The discussions are getting lively.

    If this happens, you, and me, and a whole lot of other people are going to see something brand new in this country. Gonna’ get cold and dark on a scale never seen.

    Have to admit, I’m fascinated. Not in a good way, more like Mr. Spock when he was watching something horrible happening.

  5. stirrin the FJB Pot>

    As the Acting Director of National Intelligence Grinnell was a staunch Trump loyalist.
    That being said, it doesn’t change my perspective on the group as a whole. It’s no fault of their own but they generally have a damaged psyche from some kind of childhood trauma. As it is, politics is a miserable life for healthy minds. For someone with a ‘victim’ mentality then politics would be an frustrating lifestyle choice.
    I look at all the ridiculous WOKE nonsense coming out of the Democrats now and none of it is designed to help anyone with a victim mentality. It’s all designed to make everyone else compromise while it actually reinforces the self-perception of being a victim for those in the self identified alphabet class. I should add that I don’t buy into the unfounded rumor of ‘born that way’.
    Again, that’s just MHO and I’m not alone.

    Just for the record, I also would not be a good politician either. I have a tendency to say it like it is, calling a spade a spade.

  6. Haven’t you broken the code yet?

    If the government is saying there will be no vaxx mandates for domestic flights, that means they are preparing to roll out vaxxcine mandates for domestic flights.

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