Buttigieg Admits No Combat Ribbon from Deployment to Afghanistan


Mayor Pete Buttigieg does not appear to have engaged in combat during his six months deployed in Afghanistan, despite months of ignoring multiple media requests about the issue, including from Breitbart News.

The South Bend mayor spoke about his deployment during an interview with military news website Task and Purpose.

When asked if he considered himself a combat veteran, he replied, “Some say you are a combat veteran if you have a Combat Action Ribbon (I do not). Others say deploying to a combat zone makes you one. I simply consider myself a veteran, and I’ll leave it to others to decide what else to call it.”

The Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) is awarded to members of the Navy or the Marine Corps who have actively participated in ground or surface combat.

Buttigieg added that his job was never intended to be a combat role, although he frequently drove or guarded military vehicles “outside the wire” of the military base.

According to his count, he traveled 119 times outside the wire.

“Fortunately, everyone in one of my vehicles made it safely to their destination, and I returned home safely as well,” he said.

Buttigieg frequently used his own service as a weapon to talk tough about President Donald Trump. read more

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  1. Butt-gigged’s only combat duty was “Latrine Duty” He had to keep cleaning out the sewer pipes of the rocks the Muzzies kept flushing down the toilets after they wiped their azzes with them.

  2. He said on CNN that he and his, um, husband hope to have children some day.

    Who wants to tell him?

    I can see it now, his hubby Chasten (yes, his real name) comes home one day, “Honey, the test was positive! You are going to be a father of a 18 oz turd!”

  3. At least he was there, and hasn’t claimed anything other that that he was AFIK.

    So where were his critics who are trying to attack him over his service?

    If you respect veterans you respect all the honorable service of veterans, not just the ones you like and agree with politically.

  4. If he’s leaving it to me to decide what to call him…
    >>he is a fornicating, self-important, low-intelligence POLITICIAN, who has done a poor job in a low-level office, who misrepresented himself to further his career.

    Oh yeah, he’s a veteran (who was paid a salary for his service), and he didn’t falsely claim to be a Native American or half-African. There’s that.
    And his politics require that he lie, finding racism where it is not, and globull warming which is a necessary construct to fund his socialist (thieving) agenda.

    I can’t even say that he can blow me, because he would enjoy that; he’s parents must be so proud of him!

  5. He was a chauffeur in thecwaning years of Obama’s 2nd term dedicating to Enfaggening tge military for the expressed and transparent purpose of hiding behind his service later. And now he preens about his veteran status like he’s fucking Alvin York.

    When, in reality, he would rather literally be fucking Alvin York after usung the old “the jeep ran out of gas maneuver” on a starry Friday night in Kandahar.

    Buttigeig is one of the bigger pieces of shit to plop onto the Democrat stage this year. Thanks, South Bend. You gave us the Rear End from South Bend.

    Private Pedal Pusher who longs to be Rear Admiral. Oh, and to raise some kids with his husband.

    Foster Care: Hey cutie 6 year old boy, someone wants to adopt you!

    Foster Kid: Yay! Who are they?

    Foster Care: It’s two fags named the Booty Judges. Night, night. Keep your butthole tight.

  6. “So where were his critics who are trying to attack him over his service?”

    You tell me, anonymous. I don’t see any. I do see reasonable people try trying to pin him down on what it is exactly that he did there. No need to chickenhawk them for seeking the facts, since he is touting his service in Afghanistan.

    We’ve had a presidential candidate who claimed he spent Christmas in Cambodia during the Vietnam war and made numerous other dubious and outlandish statements about his service, and all because nobody dared to call him out when he first started doing it. And then there’s McCain. Let’s just go where the facts lead from the beginning.

  7. I agree with Anonymous. He was an intelligence officer for the Navy reserves who was deployed to Afghanistan. Unlike that rat bastard Blumenthal who actively campaigned as a Vietnam veteran when he never set foot in Vietnam, Buttigieg has never said he was an “infantry officer” or the combat Navy equivalent. On missions where we went “outside the wire”, he was armed and accompanied by armed personnel. Because he was never personally in a firefight should not detract from the fact that he did honorably serve his country (before he decided to run for office) and that doing his duty did place him harm’s way.

    His homosexuality or his left-wing politics does not abrogate the respect earned for his military service.

  8. His entire military service was predicated on being in a low risk position so he could run for office one day and leverage it to deploy a “chickenhawk” charge against a Republican.

    See also John “3 Purple Hearts in 90 Days in Vietnam” Kerry and Al “Staff Sergeant Shutterbug” Gore of The Fightin’ 35 Millimeters.

    You take his “service” away and he’s just the failed homo mayor of a inconsequential Midwestern city that’s overrun with crime and racial strife.

    He’s earned a lot of respect telling me who is and isn’t a Christian in between his enemas while him and hubby try to make a baby.

  9. “So you can’t get a medal for taking one up the butt!”

    Sure you can. I got shrapnel in my butt from my own grenade and got a Purple Heart.

  10. Somebody had to mix the powdered eggs in the morning and suck the dicks at night – he got a “good” conduct medal from what I hear. He has promised to call his first son “Hershey” or “Fleet.”


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