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“Operation Hide the Ships”


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and Port of Long Beach (POLB) to announce the Biden administration officially saved Christmas.  Yes, that actually happened.   Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti took it one step further and proclaimed Secretary Buttigieg as the official “man who saved Christmas”. More

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  1. I thot it wuz “Operation Hide the Weenie” with this asshole…

    Oops, maybe that should be: “Operation Hide the Weenie in this asshole”

  2. If he can convince the world that he is a “dad”, then he can convince anyone that ships are here or there.
    Sick faggot.
    Last line is redundant I know.

  3. “Starting Nov. 16, 2021, ships waiting to anchor at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will have to wait for a green light about 150 miles from the coast…”

    “Following its success in Southern California, the new system is being expanded to the Bay Area. Ships will wait 50 miles off the coast in a safety and air quality zone until their scheduled arrival time at the Port.”

    A ‘safety and air quality zone’ means that they are far enough from shore that their smoke isn’t noticed – because while they were able to ride anchor near shore, at 50 or 150 miles out they can’t drop anchor so have to keep their engines running.
    In other words, so the administration can ‘save face’, even though everyone knows they are lying, they are forcing the production of even more CO2 than Greta Thunberg saved so the polar caps don’t melt, or something.

  4. I remember when Barky renamed the “War on Terror” to “Overseas Contingency Operation”.

    Petey, I suggest you call “hiding the boats” an “Over the Horizon Container Ship Operation”.

  5. “It will also allow more space between vessels at sea, making shipping safer especially in the winter when storms are brewing.”

    This is the kind of bullshit people who know absolutely nothing about shipping say.

    Why should this one issue illustrate knowledge and competence when there is fuck all demonstrated on a single other issue? All these motherfuckers are idiots. Everything being reported is done by imbeciles.

    I hope this whole fucking planet burns to the ground. Seriously, we aren’t worth saving.

  6. VP, SecState,SecDef, AG, SecTrans, The “woman” in charge of Public Health (just call it “Admiral”), etc. I don’t see anyone above Average Intelligence. But then, many were picked because of the “boxes checked” and not for competence.

  7. He wanted to visit all of the semen, not realizing it was actually seamen who worked there. Very sad day for Mr. Buttcheeks, indeed.

  8. “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti took it one step further and proclaimed Secretary Buttigieg as the official “man who saved Christmas”
    ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA HA

    stop i am going to pee my pants

  9. From the ship app it looks like a lot ships are anchored in Mexican Waters? It doesn’t make sense to burn all that fuel going in circles. Any guesses on who pays for the extra time and fuel cost?


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