Buttigieg: “I Would Have Done Anything Not To Be Gay”

Daily Caller

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg described his early desire not to be gay in a Sunday evening fundraiser, according to MSNBC’s Kasey Hunt.

“When I was younger, I would have done anything to not be gay,” the 2020 presidential hopeful said in front of an LGBTQ fundraiser. “When I began to halfway realize what it meant that I felt the way I did about people I saw in the hallway at school or the dining hall at college, it launched in me something that I can only describe as a kind of war. And if that war had been settled on the terms that I would have wished for when I was 15, or 20, or frankly even 25, I would not be standing here.”


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  1. well great, i’m glad you’re gay then, cuz buttgagboi, it’ll be a pleasure to watch you go down in flames this coming election cycle. please, and while your at it, take that beto lurch thing with you too.

  2. I encourage all Gay Conservatives to go find some bad ass pussy. Ladies, we’re depending on you.









  4. “I would have done anything not to be gay.”

    Except NOT to drop the soap and eagerly wait bent over for what’s coming next.

    Oh. And Mike Pence has an issue with your Creator because you spit AND swallow? Trust me BUTTfister (🤛💩). Your Creator has an issue with YOU.

  5. The hell is this guy saying? He lost the war? Unconditionally? What is he, Tojo?

    Gay Buttigig “beat” straight Buttigig? He had to swallow defeat? His surrender had to be rammed home?

    I take it back. The guy working Ellis Island shouldn’t have let the name “Buttigieg” through. Dude should have renamed his family “ASSHULL”

  6. Who cares about his asshole? I could..give…a shit?

    This is NOT what is important for IOTW to focus on!

    How bout his attack on VP Pence?

    Meaning, IF he wants to bring up the Bible and therfore God, then how about Adam and Eve, as opposed to Adam and…Petey?

    Take a chill pil, instead of the anti gay pil.

  7. Have you actually read the Bible, Pete (and understood what you’re reading)? YHVH obviously didn’t create people to do what He considers to be an abomination (which “a man lying with a man” is noted as being an abomination in several places in the Bible).

    I think the problem is that YOU are the creator of yourself (through free will – one can choose to indulge in homosexual acts or not). Don’t blame God for your own moral shortcomings and try to claim some moral high ground against Bible believing Christians while you excuse your own sins.

  8. @ Bad_Brad – pics are always helpful!

    This prick is trying to triangulate.

    Religion/Gay/Liberalism x NWO x Gubmint = Normalcy.

    It is a means to an END.

  9. ghost of brig gen j glover

    Yes you are correct. In a field of 20, well you know. Don’t be surprised to see some guy fucking him in the ass during the debates to prove how woke he is. Pretty sick shit. Not a big Pence fan, but I hope he castrates the fag.

  10. Buttjugsofboofoobuttjuice and his obnoxious “husband.” The very first televised PDA and 3/4 of the planet hurls on its shoes.

  11. He claims he would have done anything to not be a homosexual. Bullshit!

    How about actually being a Christian as in repentant of your sins and having Jesus Christ forgive you? Clearly you did not take that crucial step as you openly rebel against God’s commands.

    How about chastity if you really believe that you cannot behave morally?

  12. Wow, almost sounds like the confessions of a pedo. Who thinks like this? Who talks like this?

  13. I would do anything (well, almost) not to have to listen to the dribble he spews.

    Just go away and take the other 20 + mindless Prog candidates with you.

  14. Bubba, that’s why he’s a “devout Episcopalian,” according to yesterday’s article. They approve what he does, right out of Romans ch. 1.

  15. … and I would have done anything to not have found my granddad’s porn stash and become hooked on porn at the age of thirteen.

    I would have done any. Thing.

    But I didn’t.

    Because there is no THING (two separate words) I could do about it — no magic blue pill I could take, no mystical incantation I could recite, no support group I could join, no pinky swear I could make with God.

    There’s no THING I can do that can take the place of fighting back the Devil when he shows up. No THING that takes the place of denying the beast his meal when he comes demanding it. And they both show up, together or one right after the other, frequently, rapidly, without warning and when I feel the least capable of fighting them.

    But I must fight nonetheless. Every. Single. Time. It is the only THING I can do.

    It’s the only thing Pete Buttigieg could have done.

    And he didn’t.

  16. @ LBS,
    Loves me some Meatloaf!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  17. Did you ever try Christian Gay Conversion Therapy, Peto? Or are you one of those gay men who want to destroy any hope other gay men have of leaving the gay ghetto? Many have successfully rejected the homosexual lifestyle. Does that bother you?

  18. I wonder if it’s dawned on him that HE’S the only one talking about his faggotry?

    Why is he making an issue of it?

    Enjoy sucking dicks?
    Enjoy cocks shoved up your ass?
    Enjoy sucking your jizz out of strangers’ assholes?

    What is wrong with you people? See our Constitution? Adhere to it!
    That’s all. That’s not just one thing – it’s the ONLY thing!

    Other than that, I don’t care what you eat, what you shove up your ass, what you suck and/or nibble, or how you (otherwise) get your jollies. If it doesn’t concern law enforcement, it doesn’t concern me.

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. A gay man with a name like BUTTIPEG-
    Sorry, I mean Gieg, and uh… I’m just now hearing about him?

    I’m disappointed in myself. :b

  20. What, another self-absorbed, self indulgent, degenerate democrat POTUS wannabe?
    What a waste of time.
    If the democrats really wanted to change things, they should come up with a candidate known for their self discipline, charity, honor, and good character.
    Oh, wait, those aren’t qualities demos generally have – sorry.

  21. Recovering Porn Addict, your comment is so spot on. That was my first reaction to his statement “I would have done anything”.

    Well Mr. Buttigieg, you didn’t, now, did you? I don’t even believe you wanted to do any thing. That’s just a convenient thing to say now. And like leftists, you lie – to yourself as well as everyone else.

  22. I’d do anything to avoid being a queer, too.

    IN other news, CNN’s Don Lemon announces he’s engaged to another queer.

    IF you’re given a Lemon, make Lemon-aids.


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