Buttigieg Says Bridge Underpasses Are Racist

Yes… he said this.

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  1. That’s quite a reach, Mayo Pete, even for a guy who’s an expert at reach-arounds. Even Biden is occasionally more coherent than that.

  2. His smug smile and twinkling eyes tell you that he thinks his bullshit is so strong.

    And Jennifer Granholm stated that NG prices are doubled, and rising, because of… the pandemic. Shitpants’ war on American Energy (including another pipeline closure) have no influence!

    Fertilizer prices have already soared and the producers announced production cuts(!) because they know that prices will be too high next year for farmers to bother to plant, esp corn. So the price of corn will be very high because of energy/fertilizer costs. This year’s 50% increase in exports (due directly to Trump policy) will crash next year.

    biden* appointed all these Cabinets monsters. FUCK JOE BIDEN

  3. Itz a well known fact that Civil Engineers are White Supremacists!
    After all, they learned math didn’t they?
    Need I sat more?

  4. I bet Boot-a-leg has driven under the racists underpasses a million times, so that makes him a racists as well. Sick of ass wipe fudge-packers..

  5. He started smiling when he started the BS. Dead giveaway he was in BS mode saying something that even he knew was ridiculous.

    Gotta get that racism in everywhere.

  6. Cumswalla came out saying tress are RACIST!!!! so she is in the running for stupidest moron of ol’slowpedosenilejoe’s HAND PICKED cabinet and staff, pissaki will circle around and find out which one has the most irrational responses in public after Lezko Brandon.

  7. When we start paving streets with the bodies of POC get back to me. In the meantime mayor buttplug can go piss up a rope.

  8. @geoff the aardvark “ Is black asphalt now racist too?”
    No, it’s the white lines painted over the black asphalt, symbolizing dominance, division and control. The white reflective buttons in the middle of the road, symbolize the ever present slave master, on a horse with a whip, constantly observing and whipping unruly slaves. I hope that clears things up, because we all know black can’t be racist.

  9. IF there were any truth to his statement, which obviously none, given that he is talking about NYC in earlier 20th century it would have been DEMOCRATS who did it.

    Oh, right, at some arbitrary point last century the Democrats and Republicans literally switched sides. Yeah, that would explain it. Right.

  10. yeah, that and what does he think about the height of the bridge that Billie Jo McAllister jumped off- the one over the Tallahatchee River or whatever. He should go home and solve that one while he figures out the breast feeding thing.
    tits on a bull, he is

  11. Maybe the engineer(s) who designed the buses, designed the buses (to high) because he was the racist.
    Sometimes, 2 entirely different things (and sometimes opposite things) look entirely the same.

  12. didn’t the diztrict of columbia (DC) order/get subway cars that don’t fit on their tracks? He could get them by bailing them out, and then paint them green and drive them to the beach. This stuff ain’t hard.

  13. Well, at 70+ I’ve decided that western society is doomed. This individual is representative of those in DC making life altering decisions for the citizens of this country. Loons – 97% of them are complete loons. We have no hope. What was once dismissed out of hand as crazy, ignored as childish or scorned as insane is now taken seriously by far too many to leave us any hope.

  14. Who is he to talk about using things they were or were not designed to do? The sucker should be dick-slapped across the face and told: this is not the proper thing to do with a dick…nor is the thing you do with yours.


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