Butting In

An Italian researcher has blown the lid off of a security breach that will literally make you clench your butt cheeks.

Well, not you. Well, maybe you. Please don’t tell us.

There is a device that can be inserted into your… bat cave… and then someone of your choosing can remotely make it vibrate. They can be anywhere. They can be halfway around the world.

Giovanni Melinni has discovered that someone else could possibly be controlling the vibrations.

Can I ask a practical question.

What difference does it make?

And, what time does the meteor hit, because I want a lawn chair and a daiquiri.

Story at Downtrend.

19 Comments on Butting In

  1. And it’s not just vibrating butt plugs. You can make war on a bar-restaurant with Touchtone jukeboxes. If you are close enough for bluetooth, say at a bar nexr door, you can start playing your favorite Donny Osmond and Partridge Family on their jukebox.

  2. the denizens of San Francisco are vibrating off their chairs in anticipation of the possibilities …… “ooooooooo … luv that ringtone! … play ‘Kashmir’!”

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