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  1. Hey Mr. Obama,

    I’ve never felt better in my life for saying “NO”, I will not comply.

    So threaten America all you want. I think you’re bluffing – mostly because you’re nothing but a punk in a 3 piece suit.

    Go for your gun.

  2. Our family lost our health insurance last Sept due to the increasing cost caused by Obamacare. I can’t afford to buy insurance without signing up but I refuse to sign up.

    I was forced to pay the penalty for 3 months of no insurance. The penalty will be 8 x higher this year to cover 12 months of no coverage. I refuse to be a willing slave to this most un American law. They may beat me, but they can’t make me do what they want me to do.

    Screw ’em.

    (Fingers crosses and prayers said that no one in the family has a serious accident or gets a serious illness that wipes out my life savings)

  3. Even at it’s worst, the fine is way less expensive than Obamacare
    Insurance for me and Mrs. Lazlo was priced at eight hundred bucks a month with a 10 grand deductible. (we’re old-ish)
    The subsidy brings it down to five hundred, but I get taxed as if it were income.
    Screw That
    I used to have a catastrophe policy, 50 smackers a month with a 5 grand deductible.
    Screw Obama and all his fairy friends
    He makes me sneeze.
    ‘scuze me

  4. Liberal Compassion and Charity: forcing others pay for what neither they nor you could afford in the first place.

    Bernie will have even greater success when he helps struggling, working individuals and families by taking more of their money from them through force of government.

    Because you can keep your doctor and cost won’t go up, not one dime…jobs are shovel-ready…there never was a red-line drawn in Syria…a YouTube video angered Muslims in Benghazi…and Iran will comply with nuclear inspections.

  5. I hope Republicans run candidates in every House district held by a Democrat. There are bound to be enough disgruntled citizens even in heavily Dem districts to toss a number of these charlatan’s out as the Shared Responsibility Fees kick in over the next year.

  6. That’s funny because I wonder how a narcissist feels when his ass is swinging upside down from a lightpost !

  7. Ok. Listen up, and listen up good. Pass this around.
    It may be too late in the year to enact this to avoid the IRS tax/penalty for not have approved insurance for this year. But you can at least start, and it will be in place for next year.

    If you’re still a working stiff, you most likely get a steady, consistent paycheck. And you most likely have your income tax withholdings figured low so that you get a REFUND back from the IRS. And that’s where the IRS has gotcha. The tax/penalty comes out of your REFUND ONLY. So far, the IRS has NO authority to take the tax/penalty directly from you.

    SOOOOOO. .. refile your income tax withholdings so that it’s your family + one. Say, you’re married with two children. That’s 4 withholdings. Add one = 5 withholdings. Add ONLY one. There’s a penalty that the IRS can stick you with for not paying enough out of your paycheck withholdings.

    Take the extra money that is now NOT being withheld from your paycheck, and stick it in a separate bank/savings account. Then, when it’s time to file your income taxes, YOU get to pay the IRS, ONLY THE AMOUNT YOU OWE. You get to keep the rest, that currently the IRS could seize to pay the ObozoCare tax/penalty.

    As far as insurance goes, for normal doctor visits and treatments, go in and talk with your doctor or clinic. They will probably be willing to negotiate with you for out-of-pocket billing and payments. I get the feeling that many of them would be willing to dump the whole FedGov system that imposes more cost in the way of additional paperwork and regulations (which means additional clerks etc to handle the FedGov load), and less return payback for services done.

    Have fun, and check with your HR. Your milage may vary.

  8. @OneWhoWorkedInAnObozoCareCallCenter That is either not true. Or not being enforced. I wrote checks to pay for 2 punishments last year.

    I retired earlier than planned when one day in 2013 I went to work and was told to go home and never come back. My wife still works. My deductible is low enough that I had no refund due. IN FACT – the people I had prepare out taxes said I had to pay a penalty for not having enough money withheld during the year. The Fed SOBs fined me for not giving them a larger interest free use of my money all year.

    So I wrote 2 checks to settle my taxes.
    One check to pay the Obamacare punishment.
    And a second check to pay the “you didn’t loan me enough interest free money” punishment.

    Geezu, it’s almost like banking in reverse. I am forced to give them an interest free loan, and I also pay them the interest on the loan, if I don’t loan them enough.

    The mafia are just amateur petty thieves compared to the den of hoodlums, thugs, and thieves in Washington.

    Well, massah , I aint goina pick your cotton. Youse can hit me again iffan you wants ta. But I ain’t pikkin nuthin, Send out the paddyrollers if you wants to.

  9. OneWhoWorkedInAnObozoCareCallCenter – They will probably be willing to negotiate with you for out-of-pocket billing and payments.

    I did that with several doctors and they’d be happy to but there’s no way I could afford drugs out-of-pocket. Between my wife and myself, we spend at least $500 a month for medications – and that’s WITH 20% copay insurance.

    I must work until I drop dead – I can never afford to retire. I’m pretty sure I’m going to learn what dog food tastes like.

  10. Don’t give the tyrants a single nickle, give them this instead:

    42 U.S. Code § 18115 – Freedom not to participate in Federal health insurance programs.

    No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any Federal health insurance program created under this Act (or any amendments made by this Act), or in any Federal health insurance program expanded by this Act (or any such amendments), and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon any such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.

    Fuck 0bama!

  11. My so called insurance through the company I work for is absolutely worthless but good enough to keep obummer off of their back. Thanks a lot barry for nothing. It’s a good thing I have faith to believe I will stay in good health (fortunately I will be 65 in a little over 2 years and hopefully Medicare will still be there) because I have absolutely zero faith in you and your crappy obummercare. Never have I ever in my life despised a president more than obummer, you are absolutely effin worthless and lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

  12. — Never have I ever in my life despised a president more than obummer, you are absolutely effin worthless and lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. —

    geoff, that can’t be said often enough.

  13. Well Obamacare gave coverage to people who weren’t able to get medical, it really didn’t help those of us who already have insurance. We were told that our insurance would not change. I actually know hundreds of people whose insurance or dropped including my own.

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