Buzzfeed is breathing down the DNC’s neck

Daily Caller: BuzzFeed News sued the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Tuesday to force the release of information that the news outlet hopes will help it defend against a lawsuit related to the Steele dossier.

BuzzFeed is seeking digital information that could shed light on the cyber attacks against the DNC during the presidential campaign.

The news outlet faces three separate lawsuit related to its publication of the dossier, which was written by former British spy Christopher Steele and financed by the Clinton campaign and DNC.

The suit against the DNC seeks information that could help defend against a defamation lawsuit filed by Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian tech executive accused in the dossier of using his web hosting companies to hack into the DNC’s computer systems.

Gubarev denies the allegations and has argued that BuzzFeed failed to verify the dossier before publishing the report in January 2017. Steele, a former MI6 officer, has acknowledged in a London court, where he is being sued by Gubarev, that the information about the tech executive had not been verified.

“As part of the discovery process, BuzzFeed is attempting to verify claims in the dossier that relate to the hacking of the DNC,” BuzzFeed spokesman Matt Mittenhal said in a statement. “We’re asking a federal court to force the DNC to follow the law and allow BuzzFeed to fully defend its First Amendment rights.”  read more

6 Comments on Buzzfeed is breathing down the DNC’s neck

  1. I’m perplexed. What position do I need to take in order to see that BuzzFeed, the DNC, Steele, and Gubarov – *ALL* of them – get screwed in this process?

  2. Remember to wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella when watching this edition of the Golden Shower meets the Perpetrators.

  3. Uncle Al, I am laughing my ass off at this clusterf**k court cartoon in which everyone on all sides is a liar and all documents entered as evidence are nothing but lies. Apparently, everybody has enough money to pay lawyers for a while, so let the sideshow begin, hurry hurry, step right on in.

  4. How can anyone sue a “news” outlet for repeating a “completely unsubstantiated, gossip we heard from one person, wald-ass-guess”? I mean, I’m not going to Goolag BuzzFeed. But, I’m sure they told their readers “the following is completely unsubstantiated, gossip we heard from one person, wald-ass-guess”. Right?


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