Buzzfeed, McClatchy Respond After Mueller Report Shows Stories About Cohen Were Wrong

ET: Buzzfeed and McClatchy both declined to apologize for botched reports about Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, after the release of the Mueller report showed their reports fit the definition of what Trump often describes as “fake news.”

Buzzfeed published an article on Jan. 17 that claimed: “President Trump directed his attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow tower project.”

Written by Jason Leopold—who has a history of plagiarism—and Anthony Cormier, the story relied on two anonymous sources and claimed that Cohen told investigators working for special counsel Robert Mueller that Trump told him to lie about talks he had with a Russian official for the tower.

Cohen’s alleged lie was saying talks fell through in January 2016 when they actually ended in June 2016. The article also claimed that Mueller’s office obtained documents of Trump’s alleged instructions to Cohen, such as internal Trump Organization emails. Leopold said he’d seen the documents personally while Cormier said he had not.

The article was so erroneous that Mueller’s office took the step of issuing a statement saying it was wrong, the first time it did so during the yearslong investigation.  more here


8 Comments on Buzzfeed, McClatchy Respond After Mueller Report Shows Stories About Cohen Were Wrong

  1. Wonder if CNN will be asked to apologize for the bullshit bombshell story that senile coot Carl Bernstein publish on CNNs website that Michael Cohen claimed Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower. The Mueller Report says the exact opposite .

  2. These lying journos must see Trump as an easy target to lie about. Their editors won’t question their honesty and they bring in more readers and viewers.

    It’s nothing but a big dirty con job.

  3. Of course they never apologize. Propagandists aren’t
    in business to admit THEIR errors which are intended
    and purposeful. Goebbels and the CPUSA taught them well.

  4. Other than a couple of maybees on Fox, Brit Hume is pretty much the last of the legitimate “journalists ” from yesteryear who happens to be conservative as well. The rest of the media readers are stage actors with ear pieces and teleprompters delivering the daily script written by the democrat party.


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