By The Twitching Of My Thumb, Going Full Semi-Auto Sure Sounds Dumb

CNN, the channel known for bringing 24 hour news now dedicates its air time to pushing out anti-gun propaganda. Case in point, a recent demonstration of what it’s like to fire an AR-15 on full semi-auto. How, you might ask, does one go FULL on his AR-15? By pulling the trigger as fast as he can. Watch




22 Comments on By The Twitching Of My Thumb, Going Full Semi-Auto Sure Sounds Dumb

  1. Media expert(quisling) : “Now I’m going to go full semi-automatic which will require that I go full retard…”

  2. I watched a video of Jerry Miculek with an AR-15 shooting with a “friend” armed with an M-16. They were shooting at similar targets at the same distance. Mr. Miculek was (something like) 2/10ths of a second slower emptying the magazine…… but he put together the better group.
    This asswipe is a betaman, play-actor trying to make the diminutive ar-15 appear beastly.
    By the way, I have no desire to be on the receiving end of a .22LR, much less any center-fire cartridge.
    So many folks have never seen (in person), held much less fired a gun that they will believe whatever their “trusted source” tells them.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. Please excuse any errors in my future posts as from this point forward I shall only be typing in full semi-automatic mode which could effect my accuracy.

  4. I feel for those poor girls in the military. They must be bruised from head to toe after a day on the range.

  5. Next on CNN: Chad tries to fire a full semi-auto double action revolver with extra clips in the magazine and air-conditioned barrel with giant laser sights (to make it look even scarier).

  6. All the cnn Soy crowd are now AR-15 and variants experts after watching that “clip”.

    Also that general was irresponsible in giving that reporter a loaded firearm. He obviously didn’t give him any instruction on how to properly hold a rifle.

  7. The AR-15 is designed to inflict maximum damage.
    Through knowledge and experience, I call bullshit.

    The M-14 (7.62×51) was replaced by the M-16 (5.56×45). The M-16 did not have the ballistic lethality or firing distance of the M-14….hands down.

    Was the M-16 and its ammo easier to hump through the bushes, yes. Was it as lethal, accurate and problem free as the M-14, in my opinion, no.

    But the ar-15 makes good progressive TV segments.

  8. A friend wants to trade his single shot machine gun for 2 of my fully semiautomatics. I can’t decide.

  9. What is an “assault” weapon anyway?
    In an age where words don’t mean what they mean, what is the meaning of “assault”. I guess it comes down to what the meaning of “IS”, is.

  10. I’ve owned firearms since the age of 14, not one has assaulted anyone for over 50 years.
    All my firearms are defensive firearms, so they are exempt from any government legislative tomfoolery.

  11. My daughter, who is the shortest girl in her class, fired my AR at the age of 10. And yes, she liked it. Sadly the he/she’s who have never even seen a gun in real life buy this crap.


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