There’s an epidemic in the UK-

I love how the woman manages to drag men into her own awkward moment.

More at link below–


This has to be on purpose. It’s not a natural sounding stumble.

ht/ petrus

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  1. My bullshit flag is flapping in a gale force typhoon.
    Sorry. She covered her mouth when she uttered the word.

  2. She’s never spoken the word….other than in the context of ‘I really wanna lick your’

    Carpet muncher who likes to yodel in the canyon. Lefty lesbo. Just sayin’.

  3. Jimmy, I agree. I sure don’t. Even when I worked in a heavily leftist industry, I never heard any woman use it.

  4. I’ve heard a couple “ladies” use the C word since this last snatch, I mean batch. of freshman wimmin came into the house.

  5. She need not wonder where she heard the word. The important thought to ponder is the “why” she’s heard the word!

  6. It wasn’t more than a cunt hair after she blurted the c word
    That she threw that wanker under the bush.

  7. They told me if Trump were elected, public discourse would sink to the lowest level, and they were right.

  8. Her next news story will be on the bar scene, and the variety of interseting jiggers available. Her next Freudian slip will be even more funny.


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